Aluminum Framing System

Aluminum framing systems are innovative systems made from die-cast aluminum profiles. They are used to make jigs, door and construction frames, machine frames, accent chest frames, among other industrial products. Many systems that require aluminum framing demand the shaping of the aluminum components into profiles suited specifically for the task at hand. Therefore, it requires critical analysis of the product in question and the aluminum framing system supplier’s ability to deliver the required materials.

What Are Some Uses of Aluminum Framing Systems?

Aluminum systems can be used in a wide variety of applications. Some of these include residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, and industrial appliances. The most common areas of use for buildings include:

  • The door and window frames.
  • Drywall studs.
  • Conveyors for movement from one floor to the next.

For industrial appliances, they mainly build conveyor belts for moving industrial equipment and products and for glazing appliances.

Aluminum Framing System

What Should You Look for When Buying Aluminum for Framing Systems?

You need to be keen on several things when purchasing aluminum for framing systems for a certain project. Some of these things include:

Thickness – It is always best to predetermine the exact thickness of the aluminum framing required before purchasing the framing material. The thickness of the framing system is essential, especially if the framing is for construction or door frames. Ensure that you know the exact thickness required before buying the framing system.

Weight – it is also important to ensure that you weigh the aluminum for the framing system to ensure it corresponds to the object you are placing it on. Installing the correct weight prevents the object or structure from collapsing, bulging, or damaging.

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Elasticity Modulus – It is essential to consider the possibility of the system facing damage if under stress. If the weight of the object you are framing exceeds the framing, how well will the aluminum framing hold? It is always good to leave some space for expansion and elasticity in external stress on the aluminum framing.

Treatment – Aluminum framings tend to erode over time, especially when you expose them to certain elements such as water or acidity. Therefore, it is good to ensure that you treat the base materials to prevent rusting or corroding.

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Nominal Dimension – Here, we refer to the length, width, and height of the system. Before purchasing and installing the aluminum framing, make sure you get the right nominal dimension. It will help in both the functionality, durability, and aesthetic value of the installation.

Quality – Perhaps one of the most important aspects to look for is the quality of aluminum. It is good to conduct some basic research into different aluminum framing systems to help you better understand the standard qualities. You can also seek the assistance of a professional to ensure that you buy high-quality products that will serve you well.

Aluminum Framing System

Final Thoughts

Aluminum framing is used to construct window and door frames, build conveyor belts, and frame industrial and home appliances. Doing this ensures durability, safety, and proper functionality. It is vital to ensure that you get a good quality material that considers all the requirements and regulations of a building or appliance. Therefore, conduct effective research before purchasing any framing system to ensure that you and your investments are safe.

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