Top Amazon Product Categories For 2021

Amazon offers you to sell in a variety of categories. Yes, you can sell almost anything that you want to produce or is produced by someone else for selling. Amazon offers a great range in which you can sell your stuff at a profit. Although you need to figure out a few things before selecting the right product.

Remember choosing the right product is the only way forward when it comes to selling on Amazon. You cannot simply select a less famous category and a little less demanded product to end up exploring you are in the wrong parking lot. You can also consider factors like Amazon dropshipping before getting any further.

A business should never be taken as a matter of experimentation as it involves money. More or less, you require spending some bucks to make things happen for your business. This is why it is key to find the right product.

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Top Amazon Product Categories For 2021

You can select the right category among all different categories and can even pick the right product to sell. The right product is the one that is in demand and requires a littler lesser to promote it. One cannot pick a product that demands a high allocation of funds for the advertisement.

Hence just follow the passage below to pick a product that suits your budget defined to sell on Amazon soon. You can also consult Olifant Digital for more classified details.

Which Categories Can You Choose to Sell Your Items on Amazon?

You can sell almost in every common niche including home appliances and can also sell even the books. You can sell headphones and can sell automotive parts as well. Here is the broadsheet that indicates all categories in which you can sell your items.

  • Appliances
  • Arts and games
  • Arts and crafts
  • Automotive parts and accessories
  • Books
  • Baby
  • Beauty and personal care
  • CDs and vinyl
  • Cell phone and accessories
  • Clothing, jewels, and shoes
  • Collectibles, art pieces
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Garden and outdoor
  • Grocery and gourmet
  • Handmade
  • Healthcare, hygiene, and baby care products
  • Home, household, and kitchen
  • Industrial and scientific
  • Kindle
  • Luggage and travel
  • Movie and TV
  • Office products
  • Pet supplies
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Tools and home improvement
  • Toys and games
  • Video games

That’s all and that’s quite from A to V for you. You can take it as A to Z for the width it offers within one digit before moving to the next. It is easy to sell multiple items but it is good to focus on one or a few when you are starting fresh on Amazon.

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Amazon’s Most Popular Categories

Top Amazon Product Categories For 2021

The popular categories never mean they remain in the limelight but being popular means being good for sellers. Popularity is defined by the sales or in other words you can mark a category as popular if it is in demand. It is all about demand and meeting that demand when we talk about popular categories on Amazon for sale. Here is the list of the most popular categories for your proper consideration. Popularity is shown in the percentage.

  • Home and kitchen 40%
  • Sports and outdoor 21%
  • Toys and games 19%
  • Beauty and personal care 19%
  • Health and household 18%
  • Kitchen and dining 16%
  • Office products 15%
  • Garden and outdoor 14%
  • Tools and home improvement 14%
  • Pet supplies 13%
  • Clothing and shoes 13%
  • Grocery and gourmet 12%
  • Arts, crafts and, sewing 12%
  • Electronics 12%
  • Baby 12%
  • Industrial and scientific 8%
  • Automotive parts 7%
  • Appliances 5%
  • Cell phone and accessories 5%
  • Handmade 4%
  • Video games 4%
  • Apps and games 4%
  • Luggage and travel 3%
  • Computers 3%
  • CDS and vinyl 2%
  • Fine art and collectibles 1%

Now after seeing the table and figures you might just want to sell home and kitchen items alone. But it is good for you to creep a little further in this article to understand what exactly should be favorable for you to sell. You cannot afford to switch your production nor can you shift your expertise into another field overnight.

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Hence picking the right product after analyzing a few more things is always a wonderful idea. Tell you what even the fine art sellers that are placed lowest in the popularity table are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. It depends on your product features and your proficiencies when you are looking to sell your products. The other factors are defined below.

Factors That Can Help You Hint Further About the Right Product Category

Top Amazon Product Categories For 2021

Several other factors define the suitability of a specific product category for selling. You are used to selling for profit so let us start with the profitability.


Profitability is the first thing you should be looking for while planning to sell your products on Amazon. Now here it is important to consider those kitchen items were on the top in popularity list when it came to selling. But “computer” despite being low in popularity table is yielding the highest profit margins to the sellers. Now you must have started thinking of selling computer and computer accessories. But we recommend you to hold on a little further.

Average monthly sales

It is not about high profitability alone. Some staples can yield you very high profits for a month or two and then fades away overnight. So, what will you do to tackle that trend? It is good to go for the average monthly sales. Checking the analytical data for average monthly sales will help you pick a product that keeps selling and hence keep generating profits.

Fulfillment method

A few products can easily be handed over to Amazon after registering for the FBA. But on many other occasions, it is difficult to hand over the fulfillment to Amazon as the cost of goods sold is likely to get out of control in that case. It is good to check a product for fulfillment before picking it up for selling on Amazon.


Picking a product in the most famous or popular category might just enable you to become a part of the super-rich industry. But it may not prove that promising for you at the same time. You might just face stiff competition after entering into a famous category. This completion will come from Amazon as well as other sellers operating in the same category.

It is strongly recommended that you should view and analyze every single factor that proves vital in the process of picking a product for selling.

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