6 Common Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are a lot of myths on drugs and alcohol abuse often going around. You or a loved one may be struggling with addiction, and you have gotten advice from people who did not understand what addiction is all about. While the advice was well-meaning, it could also have been misleading. It becomes challenging for people to distinguish between facts and fiction, which contributes to a wrong approach to drug and alcohol abuse.

Addressing those myths on addiction gives people a better understanding of substance abuse. Therefore, people can help those in need with compassion rather than judgment.  Some of the common myths on drug abuse include;

Prescription Pills are Safe

People believe that since prescription pills come from the doctor, it is safe. However, they are only effective if you follow the doctor’s advice and use them for treating pain and other conditions. Prescription drugs commonly abused include narcotic pain medications, ADHD medications, and drugs for treating anxiety. The abuse of these drugs is so severe that nearly five young adults die every day from an overdose of prescription drugs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drugs like Vicodin and OxyContin, prescribed to manage pain, have been involved in more overdose deaths than cocaine and heroin combined since 2003. This is to say that individuals are likely to get addicted to prescription medication just as much as illicit drugs.

6 Common Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug Addiction is a Voluntary Behavior

When someone starts using drugs occasionally, it is a voluntary choice. However, with time, one moves from a voluntary user to being a compulsive drug user. This is because using addictive drugs continuously changes your brain. The changes can be toxic, dramatic, or subtle, depending on a person’s body. However, all those changes still result in compulsive or uncontrollable use of drugs.

Substance Abuse and Addiction are the Same

Substance abuse is using drugs or alcohol in an unhealthy way. People who constantly struggle with substance use or become dependent on substances are diagnosed with substance use disorder (SUD). Individuals with drug addiction have developed a psychological, chemical, and physical dependence on drugs or alcohol.

People engaging in substance abuse without being addicted still experience a euphoric or depressive effect from the substance. Once they become addicted, they develop a tolerance to the substance, needing more and more of it to get high.

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People Who Can’t Stop Using Drugs Are Weak or Immoral

Drug addiction and dependence is a real illness. If quitting drug and alcohol addiction was easy, most addicts would have done it already. Most Individuals who abuse substances most likely suffer from a mental health condition. They start by seeking substances to self-medicate, then it spirals out of control.

Rehab Doesn’t Work

It is common for people to try and fight addiction on their own rather than seeking treatment. The Notion that rehabs are a waste of time and resources is completely wrong. A Rehabilitation center is more than a place. It is somewhere you are equipped with skills to combat addiction. You get to see what your life will look like without abusing drugs.

At https://www.infiniterecovery.com/ you will meet doctors and clinicians who are compassionate and ready to help get your life back. Addiction treatment is effective if the individual is dedicated to the program.

You Can Drink and Still Be in Control

While people often tell themselves this, drinking impairs your judgment in one way or another. There is a chance you may get involved in things like damaging property and being victimized by others. This is why you should drink responsibly, or with people you completely trust.

Understanding the common myths on drug and alcohol addiction can influence people to make better choices. People struggling with drugs are not weak or useless; they simply need a treatment plan to recover.

6 Common Myths About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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