7 Tech Tools for Business Owners

Running a business is an expensive and tedious process. Good business owners know that they must manage debts, continuously improve their business, and be selective about their decisions and methods.

From the people they hire to the software they use, business owners must be careful to ensure that they are always making the best choices for the company. For all the cautious business owners out there, here are seven tech tools to consider.

1. Modern Website Builders

If your website needs are relatively straightforward, you might select free website builders like Wix, a mobile-friendly site creator that gets your business off the ground. Wix has easy-to-use instructions to help you build your website. If your business is more advanced or consists of portfolio elements, you might want to consider Squarespace.

2. Simple Video Conferencing

Video chatting is essential in today’s pandemic-stricken world. Video conferencing is made simple with Join.me. This tool offers a free version, allowing you to include ten participants to join your video feeds. There are other videos conferencing options out there, but Join.me is one of the best free solutions available. While you may have a hard time understanding millennials, they definitely understand video conferencing, and this one is easy to use for everyone and includes download instructions.

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3. Investor-Forward Tools

EquityNet is a platform for free crowdfunding that helps you promote your business plan to potential investors if your business is trying to secure funding. The analysis software lets you create your project and publishes it on the site so you can share it with whomever. When you find interested investors, remember to conduct a quick background check to ensure they are who they say.

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4. Software Protection

To protect your business and all of your online content, you should consider investing in software that guards against hackers and viruses. A great option is Avast, which includes endpoint protection that extends to your network as well.

Avast has a free version that does not include proactive controls or data shredding. It does, however, include security scanning and malware blocking, which are crucial to your content protection against hackers and viruses. Depending on how much control you want over this tool, you may choose to go with the premium version.

5. Digital Task Management

Businesses need a way to allow their staff to stay in contact with one another at all times. Evernote is a great way to keep track of to-do lists, deadlines, and projects. The software can stream on all devices so that you can see your notes whenever you need them. Evernote is a great way to keep everyone in the business on the same page. Depending on your needs, you can sift through the paid and free versions that the app offers.

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6. Digital Team Management 

Like Evernote, Asana is another organizational tool that allows you to contact your workers and manage projects together. Asana is advanced and allows company leaders to oversee the tasks that each team member is working on. Due dates can also be assigned to make everyone aware of important deadlines.

7. Online Calendar Tool

If you are the figurehead of a freelancing company, Cushion is a great tool to manage projects and schedule tasks. Cushion functions by creating a calendar that indicates what to do and what potential opportunities may arise in the coming days. Client information and future tasks are listed in advance so that everyone knows about the workload that is coming up.

Dedicated business owners know the value of relying on digital tools to help them organize and manage their companies. Depending on your specific needs, the complexity of the tools you choose will vary. Be flexible in your attempt to find the right tools that work for you and your company’s needs. There is a tool out there for every business!

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