Common Uses of the Heavy-Duty Caster Wheel

Have you ever wondered about the multitude of uses for heavy-duty industrial wheels? Do you know what the distinction between a standard caster and a heavy-duty is? Well, you’ve come to the right place if you wanted to know the answers to these questions.

Casters are among the most commonly used things in almost every industry. They meet the needs of so many applications because of their simplicity and ability.

With that being said, here are some common uses of the caster wheel that will surely blow your mind.

Standard vs. Heavy Duty

Answering the question above, the difference between standard and heavy-duty casters is their allowable weight. All casters are defined by their ability to safely control the weight that rests on top of them without losing stability.

Standard casters are most often used in furniture and appliances in the home and office. Decorative casters may be attached to TVs, desks, or coffee tables to add a little bit of aesthetic flair to their functionality.

Heavy-duty casters are used in manufacturing and transportation, mostly in warehouses. They are used to transport items that weigh between 2,000 and 50,000 pounds.

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Essential Heavy-Duty Caster Use

Casters are essential for use in dolly’s and platform carts because they are so successful in handling these kinds of applications. They can withstand immense loads while also maneuvering in tight spaces in warehouses, mailrooms, and grocery stores around the world. Without them, things would move much slower.

Most casters have a locking feature, which is operated by depressing the foot on the “on/off” lever at the wheel housing. This stops the wheel from rolling to an unintended or uncontrolled location on its own.

Air Industry Casters

Perhaps the most exciting industry in which casters are essential is the aerospace and airline industry. Casters are a key component of engine stands and hangar doors.

Casters help technicians move rocket parts around freely, sometimes by hand. Since heavy-duty casters are built to have a smooth roll no matter the weight rating, they can make extra heavy loads glide with ease.

Next time you get on an airplane, look out the window and just see how many casters are at work. Every piece of luggage has gotten from one airplane to the next via the use of casters.

Now that you know all about heavy-duty casters and their common uses, impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of caster importance.

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