Testicular Varicocele

Testicular varicocele is a condition of damaged veins in the scrotum. The scrotum is the sac that surrounds the testicles for optimum sperm formation and protection. A varicocele develops as a result of an injury, trauma or infection in the epididymis. A male suffering from varicocele experiences constant dull ache and heaviness in the testicles. The pain and the swelling get worse during the daytime, in hot conditions and carrying out rigorous physical activity.

Fertility problems can also pester a man too much if a varicocele is not treated in time. Taking into consideration that there are various treatments available to cure varicocele. The effectiveness of a treatment is dependent upon the severity of the varicocele. Varicoceles do have a tendency of recurring. Thus, it is really necessary to receive a complete course in medical treatment.

Although there is no sure shot way to prevent varicocele from recurring, taking the following precautions may help reduce the risk:

How to Prevent Testicular Varicocele from Recurring?

Stay away from rigorous exercises

Try to protect your scrotum from any injuries or wear and tear. To do this, refrain from any vigorous and strenuous activities. Exercising is fine, but high-intensity exercises are a big no. Do not lift heavy weights and try not to put excessive pressure on your groin region.

Avoid staying under-hydrated

Water plays a crucial role in the functioning of all the organs of our body. And if you are trying to prevent varicocele from occurring, drinking enough water becomes all the more important. Make sure that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. This will prevent the blood from pooling inside the scrotal veins.

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A healthy diet is your best friend

Eat healthy to stay healthy. Make sure your diet is well-balanced and contains a lot of fiber-rich foods. These will help flush out the toxins and assist proper bowel movement. Also, try to include enough of Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids as these promote a healthier vascular system.

Keep the scrotum supported and avoid exertion

Use scrotal supports and wear jockstraps to minimize the pressure on your scrotum. And these things are even more necessary while going about with your routine life activities. Also, avoid over-exerting yourself. After every 30 minutes of activity, take a 5-minute break to avoid straining your lower body.

Keep the blood flowing

Proper blood circulation reduces the risk of varicocele to a great extent. To aid the circulation of blood in your scrotal veins, use one or two pillows to keep the scrotum elevated. This way, gravity would do its job and allow proper flow of blood towards the heart, thereby preventing it from back flowing and accumulating inside the scrotal veins.

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How to Prevent Testicular Varicocele from Recurring?

The permanent solution for recurring testicular varicocele

When no other treatment and aforementioned tips bring desired results, surgery becomes necessary. The surgical procedure to remove varicocele is called varicocelectomy. Advanced laparoscopic varicocele surgery is by far the most successful to prevent varicocele recurrence. The doctors are of the opinion that the laparoscopic treatment is much safer and simpler over complex open surgery.

Here is what you need to know about laparoscopic varicocelectomy

In laparoscopic surgery for varicocele, the surgeon uses small pieces of laparoscopic equipment to seal off and treat the damaged veins present inside the scrotum. When this happens, the blood flow gets rerouted through the other unaffected scrotal veins and the problem of varicocele gets resolved permanently.

The advanced laparoscopic varicocelectomy treatment has numerous advantages over traditional procedures. Laparoscopic surgery is absolutely painless and involves minimal bleeding. The surgery takes up less than an hour and you do not need to stay in the hospital for days. The postoperative swelling and pain is almost negligible and the recovery is very fast.

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Testicular Varicocele

Due to all these benefits, the laparoscopic treatment for varicocele is becoming the preferred choice nowadays and a large number of hospitals are now shifting to this modern surgery. If you are struggling with the problem of varicocele and are looking for a trustworthy healthcare provider, you can reach out to Pristyn Care.

They are one of the best healthcare providers in the country and offer advanced laparoscopic varicocelectomy in almost all the major Indian cities. All their surgeons are highly qualified and they have an unparalleled success rate in varicocele treatments. You can book your appointment with one of their specialists online and consult them for your diagnosis and treatment.

The Last Line

Dealing every day with the discomforts of varicocele is certainly very difficult. But, looking on the better side, the condition is curable. To prevent the chances of recurrence of varicocele, one has to make the right choice of the treatment. And, the right choice of treatment comes only with thorough research about the pros and cons of the treatment.

Here, we tried to help you with all the information that you need to know about laparoscopic varicocele surgery. So, make sure that you get the treatment as soon as possible.

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