What a Millennial Expects in a Rental

Millennials make up much of the renting population. The number of millennials choosing to rent instead of purchase homes like their parents has risen with the rising costs of houses. The cost of living has also considerably risen while pay has not, making renting the only affordable option for many. If you are a landlord or a property management company like Taylor Equities, belonging to Steven Taylor Taylor Equities, it is likely that many of your potential tenants will be from the millennial generation. It is important, then, for you to know what a millennial expects from a rented home. Here are some of the amenities millennials appreciate in a rental.

Environmentally Considerate Features

Millennials have seen the trends and research. They know the Earth is in trouble, and they care a great deal about preserving it. Therefore, environmentally friendly features like solar panels, recycling bins and a community compost garden that show you have consideration for the environment will go across well with many millennials.

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Contracts That Allow Pets

The next one applies to other generations as well as millennials. Allowing tenants to have pets can be a hassle, but it can also attract more pet owners. Pets are valued companions and aids, and not banning them will earn you more tenants than banning them will.

Good Internet

The internet has rapidly spread since its inception. The use of the internet is vital, even necessary in many situations, for work, education and entertainment. Its usage and necessity continue to grow. Millennials are especially connected on the net and find fast, reliable internet very important. Having a good internet service is therefore a definite must if you want to appeal to them.

Millennials are more likely to rent than other generations. Many have no choice. Just as many simply enjoy renting, and some are even planning on renting their whole entire lives. They expect a lot from rentals, certainly more than listed here. However, these features are a good place to start when trying to rent to millennials, so keep them in mind.

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