When it is Time to Inspect Your Sewer Line?

No homeowner would like to get stuck with plumbing issues because they could be both time-consuming and expensive, especially if it happens to be something like repairing the entire sewer line.

According to the industry experts, a malfunctioning sewer line may emerge as a potential health hazard. It could inflict a lot of damage to your overall property in the form of hidden leaks. But since sewer pipes are not easily visible, most of the time, people fail to identify something fishy until it’s too late.

That being said, there are plenty of warning signs that should trigger you to inspect the sewer line right from the get-go. Keep reading to come to terms with the symptoms of a damaged drain conduit:  

  • Cracks 

Foundation cracks and sinkholes are often associated with a major structural issue. However, sometimes they are the result of an untreated sewer line. If this problem goes down undetected for a long time, you are in for a big problem.

As time goes by, the cracks will get wider, and the water will make its way to the foundation of your home. In this case, you will have to call a sewage repair and replacement service to change the entire sewer pipe. Otherwise, water can damage the foundations of your house.      

  • Sluggish drains   

Typically, people tend to avoid slow drains. For example, when a sink takes more than the normal duration to empty the water, most of the homeowners would see it as the failure of the sink drain only. But, in all probability, it could be due to the choked the drain line.  

Various factors lead to the blockage and clogging of a sewer line. Although, none of them is arguably more problematic than the tree roots hindering the flow of water in underground pipes.

As a rule of thumb, your mainline should be at least 20 to 30 feet away from trees so that its roots don’t obstruct the water flow.    

  • Foul odor 

No one likes to keep up with bad odor in their living space. It can spoil your mood like anything. According to a study, a foul odor can stimulate the feeling of irritation, and you end up becoming a less tolerant person.

But what if you can’t get rid of the smell even after trying out everything? Well, in that case, the problem may rest with your sewage system. 

A perfect sanitary set up has to be airtight. In other words, it should be completely free from air vents, apart from the ones deemed as mandatory. Though the unpleasant odor is easily smelled from outside, it is also noticeable in places such as bedrooms and bathrooms.       

  • Unproportional growth of grass in the backyard

Any type of physical contact with waste material is unhealthy for human beings. But the same does not apply to plants. Plants love sewage, as it has natural fertilizer for them to grow.

Therefore, if your lawn is undergoing sudden growth, then it might be getting extra minerals from the worn-out drainage supply. This sign may also help identify the parts where leakages exist. You have to look for the patches which are greener than the rest of the yard.   

  • Gurgling noises 

Since the bathroom is generally a quiet place, you can easily listen to glug-glug sounds. Be it a sink, shower, or toilet; nothing is immune to these strange sounds. They could indicate a variety of mishaps, including p-trap problems and insufficient vents.  

At first glance, gurgling noises don’t seem to be a severe problem. But, with time, they end up becoming a headache. We recommend you to schedule a thorough inspection when gurgling sounds first rear their ugly head.       

  • Varying water pressure

When a house is getting a consistent supply of water, the pressure should remain the same throughout the day as well. If not, it could be because of a fault in the drainage system.

Professionals suggest that fluctuating pressure has to do with underlying supply woes. In other words, delaying inspection will only intensify the problem.      

  • Insect infestation 

Have you lately observed the presence of cockroaches, drain flies, palmetto bugs, etc. in your house? If yes, then it is about the time to inspect the sewer line. The reason being, the said bugs are nourished in the sewage.

Once they make it to the broken drainage system, they can easily sneak into the living space and spread several diseases among you and your family members.  

Key takeaway 

Buying property is an uphill task. You have to work hard and make tough decisions to afford a decent home. Your job is not done even after you succeed in buying a home. You must ensure that your place stays livable and welcoming for as long as possible.

A robust plumbing structure will aid you in achieving the goal. For that, you will have to keep an eye on any leakages that might occur in your home. 

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