3 Reasons to Blog Anonymously Instead of Showing Your Author Bio

Writing content anonymously is a concept that excites a lot of bloggers. For some people, it is an idea that is difficult to execute, especially when you are trying to promote something, but for others, it is a way in which a blogger can speak their mind freely. Let’s take a look at a few reasons that will convince you to blog anonymously.

No Pressure

The biggest advantage of blogging anonymously is that you got no pressure on your back. This means you can speak your mind freely without worrying about the feedback. No one will be able to come directly to you in person and tell you that they disagree with your ideas. No pressure also means that you will be able to write better as your creativity will have to face fewer hurdles.

You can talk About Sensitive Topics

One of the biggest dilemmas of our society is that a lot of us hesitate to speak about the issues that are more sensitive and need addressing. When you become an anonymous blogger, it makes it easier for you to talk about those issues. That way, you can educate your readers about those issues and can spark important conversations that are currently not happening.

Use it As a Gimmick

A lot of people go anonymous on the internet because it is a great gimmick. When people come across interesting content that is written anonymously, it sparks curiosity in them. You can turn this curiosity into your advantage and can gain more readership. The suspense is what will make your blog famous.

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