5 Strategies to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Only a few things can obstruct the growth and success of any company. One of them is a lack of communication among employees. It affects employee efficiency, creativity, self-confidence, and the overall mission of the organization.

 Improving internal communication is a rather discouraging and time-consuming task. However, having leaders with strong communication skills ready to pave the way and enable collaboration and mutual interaction in the workplace is a promising start. 

With these five simple yet effective strategies, your workplace will become much more attractive while the employees will brim with confidence. 

5 Strategies to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Undivided Attention 

You have probably been in a situation where the person you are speaking to keeps looking at their phone, avoids direct eye contact and doesn’t look interested in what you are saying. It surely made you feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. If the conversation lacks focus then it loses its value and purpose. Hence, people lose interest and eventually tune out.  If this occurs during a meeting, then it loses every meaning, and time wasn’t well spent.

The same goes for communication among co-workers and superiors. In the workplace, as much as conveying a message is important, how that message is received matters equally, if not more. It doesn’t matter if you are in a room full of employees, or with just one of them, devoting your full attention to them and listening carefully to what they have to say will make a difference.  It will build trust between you and the employees. 

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Feedback and Suggestions

Contrary to popular belief, communication in the workplace is not a one-way street. Employers should devote themselves to establishing a proper professional relationship with their workforce. Helping them understand that to accomplish their business goals and unlock the full potential, both theirs and that of the organization, they have to receive directives and orders as well as provide feedback, offer suggestions and ideas. 

Making use of this communication strategy will spur collaboration and interaction among team members, other departments, and the leaders. Some companies have a suggestion box so the employees can freely suggest any improvements or give an opinion on some matter. Once the employees start to feel like their voice is heard and valued, it will positively reflect on their productivity and give them a sense of importance. 

Proper Communication Channels 

Nowadays, people have been spoilt by the use of modern technology tools as it provides them with instant information regardless of their whereabouts. As there is an increase in remote workers, there is a growing need as well for proper communication channels to allow all business operations to run smoothly. Additionally, these tools encourage collaboration, engagement, and efficiency of the employees.

Employers can always use their company’s intranet portal to organize departments and personnel, provide an update on projects and work assignments, as well as store significant documents, and share them with all the employees. Through this direct system, all the branches are connected which allows an uninterrupted communication flow within the organization. 

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Follow up after Meetings

Sometimes, business meetings are so compelling that people attending them, immersed in all of the ideas and plans shared, don’t remember to make notes. To avoid forgetting everything that was discussed at the meeting, the leader should select one employee to write everything down. After the meeting is adjourned, go through the notes, summarize the most important points, and send it to the team members. These notes may contain direct instructions, descriptions of assignments, and even employee expectations regarding future projects. Their summary will serve as a refresher and a follow up so whenever they are having doubts about some of the matters discussed, they can go back and refresh their memory. 

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Team Building 

There is no better way to encourage interaction and communication among employees than through fun activities. Deciding to spend a day outdoors, far away from the office, can work miracles to the team. Carefully planned activities are the best way to unite team members, remove all obstacles that may be preventing them from socializing and communicating better and get their minds of work-related stuff. Team building activities usually demand team effort and team spirit. Employers can organize interesting events for all employees or some particular departments. However, such activities and events don’t necessarily have to be outdoors only. Conferences, workshops, and group projects have the same effect on employees. 

To conclude, achieving effective communication in the workplace is far from easy. But, if you want a healthy work environment with positive company culture and values, then it is definitely worth the effort. However, employing these powerful strategies will not bring the results overnight. If used accurately and regularly, in the long run, your organization will enjoy the fruits of this hard labour.


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