Better WorkSpace: Remodeling Your Office

Whether the furnishings are out of date or you need to make room for more staff, you are ready to remodel your office. With careful planning and the help of contractors and designers, you can turn your workspace into an efficient, modern area. Here are some tips to get started.

Design Your Space

Analyze your office to determine what you must change. Look at office furnishing los angeles catalogs and websites to see what styles might work best for the layout of your building. Ask your staff for their input and see if there is anything they would like to update or improve. Plot out what you want the floor plan to be, including which employee should sit where. Look at your finances and set up your budget. Get bids from designers and contractors to do the job then choose the one that fits your price and time schedule.

Better WorkSpace: Remodeling Your Office

Make a Plan

Once you hire your contractor and designer, bring them in to go over plans for the office. Walk them around the space and explain what you would like to do with the area. Take into consideration what suggestions they may have then sat down to map out what renovations will be done. When you do have your meeting, you will need to evaluate the structural aspects of the building such as plumbing, electrical, and detecting the load-bearing walls.

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Research if there have been previous inspections on your building and see what they have to say. Speak to your community historical department to find out if your building has any significance that you will need to preserve and document. If you do, consult them to find out what they require must stay when you rebuild. Get the appropriate permits in place to begin construction in plenty of time before the day comes to start building.

Announce Your Plan

When you have the design in place, notify your staff that there will be construction so they can plan appropriately. Be clear when it will begin and when it will end. Set up a virtual private network for those who will find it easier to work from home and help them hook up to it.

Look into a temporary workspace for your employees if that option works better. Be sure to let them know that they can come to you with any concerns or questions. Stay in contact with your contractor and designer to ensure that you stay on schedule and complete the project on time.

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