5 Creative Ways To Produce Viral-Worthy Content For Social Media

Do you struggle with creating content that will stand out and make an impact on the audience? Do you want to know the key ingredients of producing something that goes viral, and people can not resist sharing that on social media? Well, we hear you and are ready to help you with that.

It does not matter to us if you are an established brand or a recently launched niche blog or even if someone who is thinking of starting their own blog/website. We have something for you all.

Here we have squeezed down 5 creative ways to produce viral-worthy content that will work for any social media platform. 

  1. Know Your Audience

The first and most essential factor to consider for creating notable content for social media is to know your audience very well. Who is your target audience and what impact do you want to create on them. Here is an idea of a blog that targets its technological audience and produces content strictly according to their needs.

In order to get an idea about that, you have to think like an audience. Read your content in the context of your business or purpose of the blog and rate yourself. Are you convinced or impressed enough to invest in it? If the answer is negative, then you need to rethink about publishing it.

Always create original content and not be lazy in that. The audience to not want to see something repetitive. You can surely take an idea from what other content creators are doing and but be inspired, don’t copy.

If you are trying to sell a product, then know your buyers. The content that you create profoundly affect the buying decisions of the buyers. Do not ignore the fact that they might not want to invest in something that you have not appropriately represented and haven’t given proper attention.

5 Creative Ways To Produce Viral-Worthy Content For Social Media

2. Visual Look and Design Matter

It might be startling for some people, but the visual look of written content and the overall designing matter of it matter as much as the quality of the content. If you fail to appeal to the visual senses, then you can fail in going beyond that.

Digital marketers and researchers have invested a lot of time and effort in finding out how the content affects the audience or the readers. It is hard for the general audience to read a lot from the screen, and they usually apply the skim and scan technique for social media posts.

But you can still make them read what you have written and convey your message. The first key is to keep your content clear and concise. Do not put unnecessary details or be repetitive. Organize your content with headings and bullet points.

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Moreover, write short sentences and keep the paragraphs as short as possible. Place the most important details in the beginning and adjust the rest of the details accordingly. Also, exclude very scholarly words and include easy to read words that the general audience understands.

Another factor to consider while writing content for your website is to include visual designs and images. Even a long and tedious read can become interesting if it has pictures included in it. For business purposes, inculcate infographics and facts bars to convince your buyers. 

3. Create Relatable Content

When writing for an audience, the key is to convince them and create content that the audience can relate to. Know your audience and target the majority of them and draw the attention of most of your buyers. 

What we mean by relatable content is something that appeals to the emotions of the audience. Researchers have found out that the content which goes viral is either entertaining, awe-inspiring, emotional, shocking, funny, or controversial.

The above formula always works but be mindful of the fact that content that has an element of surprise or leaves the audience in awe as the most successful one and without a doubt hits the nail on the head.

People always click a share on the content that they can personally relate to and want the world to see their perspective in the form of the content they share. Another purpose for the share can be solely entertainment and to bring forward joy to others. 

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4. Practically Useful Content

Business owners have to be careful to not only include the above elements but share the practicality of their product they are selling. You have to create content that is not just entertaining or appealing but which achieves your business goals.

Tell the audience and readers why is your product best and how is it useful for them. For this purpose, you have to keep the content business-oriented and combine it with the other factors to sell your product like hotcakes. 

Remember too much of one or the other element can fail you in your purpose. Implement useful strategies and take the idea of what has worked for others. To not try to isolate yourself from other people out there in the market. 

Be smart and study what has caused the bloom in some social media posts or has made a product to go viral. If you are not selling any product directly but just trying to draw attention or traffic to your blog, then inform the audience rightly and inculcate relatable content strategies mentioned above. 

If the keyword is Best Gaming Laptop Under $400. It’s pretty evident that people are looking for gaming laptops under $2000 and they want to see a list of them with review to make an educated calculated buying decision. Making a story or infographic here won’t make sense and may bounce the traffic.

  1. Tell a Story

For producing content that stands out among others, you have to think out of the box but sometimes return to the mainstream and conventional methods. You cannot merely ignore the methods that have always worked with humans.

That open secret of successful content creating is the art of storytelling. If you are confused with how to put your ideas into words, then our answer is simple, tell a story, create characters, place them in the audience relatable setting and wait for its triumph.  

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Picturise the story for your audience through descriptive words and in such a manner that arouse emotions and deep feelings. Moreover, as a fact, the right and relatable characters can make any story flourish, do implement this fact and create characters that the audience can personify with.

After stating our 5 creative ways to produce viral-worthy content for social media, our recommendation is simple; any one of the factors above cannot solely make your content noteworthy, but you have to produce it in a way that is an amalgamation of all the above facts. 

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