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Vitamins and Minerals are as important for your body as Air and Water. In addition to keeping your body functional and healthy, it also protects you from a number of diseases. Vitamins and Minerals are taken as one most of the time but there is a difference between them.

Vitamins are Organic Substances that must come from animals and plants. This is because your body can’t synthesize them and they should come from food sources. They are also called Essentials because of this reason. Minerals, on the other hand, are inorganic substances that originate from soil, rocks, and water.

They are divided into two categories, these are Water-Soluble and Fat-Soluble Vitamins. Water-Soluble Vitamins like B Vitamins are those where our bodies expel what is not needed and absorbed. On the other hand, Fat-Soluble Vitamins are those where residual amounts are stored in liver and fat tissues as reserves.

According to studies, there is a minimum daily amount of vitamins and key minerals that you should consume to stay healthy and active. The best way to do so is to adopt a healthy and broad diet. Your emphasis here should be on vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, whole grains, dairy products, and low-fat protein.

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The good thing is that most of the foods we consume as our everyday meals contain many of these vitamins and minerals. There are 14 Vitamins that are essential for our bodies. These are Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E, K, Beta Carotene and Lycopene. Let’s take a look at top foods that are rich in Vitamins:


Fish as we all love it as a food but it is also rich in Vitamin that your body needs. Fish is a nice source for 9 out of 14 essential Vitamins. This includes Vitamin D, A, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12. Out of all the fish species available, Trout, Tuna and Salmon Fish are the best sources of vitamins but you should include a number of types of fish in your diet to keep it a healthy diet.


You may have a habit to chew Sunflower or some other seeds. The good news is these Seeds are rich in Vitamins as well. They contain 6 out of 14 essential vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and E. Particular seeds that are rich in vitamins include Flax Seeds and Sunflower Seeds.

Dark Leafy Greens:

You may not like these or they may not be on the list of your favorite foods but they are one of the best sources of many essential vitamins. They got like 8 out of 14 essential Vitamins. These include Vitamins A, C, E, K B2, B3, B6, and B9. They all are great sources of vitamins but Extra Nutrient Powerhouses include Kale and Spinach.


Broccoli, another not so much of a favorite food especially for kids. But you should consider the fact that Broccoli is an excellent source for 6 out of 14 essential Vitamins. These Vitamins include Vitamins A, B9, C, E, K, and Beta Carotene. Some Other Nutritious Cruciferous Vegetables are Cabbage, Sprouts, and Cauliflower.

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Mushrooms are a handsome source of 4 out of 14 essential vitamins that our body requires. This includes Vitamins D, B2, B3, and B5. Mushrooms are high in nutrition while staying low on calories and carbs. Some of the best choices that you can adopt are Cremini (Button), Portobello and Shiitake Mushrooms.

Lamb and Beef:

Yeah, Most of us love either lamb or Beef. We like to eat them as different dishes and so you know that they are also rich in some Essential Vitamins. They got 6 of 14 essential Vitamins. These Vitamin are B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9. It is recommended to use leaner cuts of beef and lamb in order to reduce calories.


We all eat them in one form or another. There are only a handful of people who don’t eat them. Eggs as used in many dishes and are a rich source of 4 out of 14 essential Vitamins. These include Vitamin D, B2, B5, and B12. Eggs are now considered as a heart-healthy food but they are still high in cholesterol. Therefore care should be taken and one should not consume more than 2 eggs a day.


Nuts, most of us love munching on them and you would be happy to know that Nuts include 4 out of 14 essential Vitamins. These Vitamins are Vitamin E, B1, B2 and B6. They are also heart-healthy food and helps you in lowering your cholesterol levels. But you should be careful as to not take more than 1-2 handfuls a day. Widely used choices for Nuts are Walnuts and Almonds.

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Sweet Bell Peppers:

Bell Peppers, sweet and sour. They include Vitamins like Vitamin A, C, Beta-Carotene, and Lycopene. These are 4 out of 14 essential Vitamins that our Body Requires. Bell Peppers are one of those foods that are rich in Vitamin C. More Colorful ones like the Yellow and Red Peppers contain a higher amount of Lycopene and Beta-Carotene than Green Peppers.

Green Peas:

Green Peas are a very good vegetarian source of protein because they contain 4 out of 14 Essential Vitamins. These include Vitamin A, B1, Beta Carotene and E.

Tropical Fruits:

Fruits that got Red Flesh like the Papayas are the best choice for Lycopene. They got 4 out of 14 essential Vitamins including Lycopene, A, B1, and E.

Dried Fruits:

Cried Fruits are a good source for 4 out of 14 essential Vitamins. These Vitamins include Vitamin A, B6, K, and Beta Carotene. But you should also consider the fact that Dried Fruits are high in Sugar so you should not eat more than a handful of them per day, 

There are loads and loads of fruits and blessings of nature, all rich in vitamins and minerals. So you should try to include a wide range of foods in your diet to stay healthy and active, as this will also help you in getting the required amount of Vitamins for your body.


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