3 Ways Your Strategy Can Be Positively Disruptive

The average person sees 5,000 adverts every day. If your brand operates within that cacophony of noise, you need some tricks up your sleeve to get attention; otherwise, you’re just another sound-maker. Enter the world of disruptive marketing.

Brands are taking big steps (and even greater risks) by turning traditional business on its head and going left-field – and it’s working.

Customers are willing to give brands their highly prized attention if they feel they’ll be rewarded with novelty or value. It has to be different or better. Make your next marketing campaign disruptive with these three tips.

1- Be Human

Marketing expert and advocate for disruptive thinking Eyal Gutentag believes technology has changed the face of disruptive marketing, and nothing more so than social media platforms. Brands now speak as if they’re people. Netflix’s Instagram account and Denny’s Twitter feed are just two outstanding examples of a personified brand. Gone are stuffy, corporate posts and responses, and in their place are witty, irreverent banter – and the public love it.

Change to positive attitude

2- Be Surprising

There’s nothing more unnerving than expecting a brand to behave one way and it acts in the opposite. Fast-food establishments focusing on healthy eating, banks thinking like a retail store, huge corporations plowing money into charities – when you acknowledge your industry’s faults by speaking out and changing what you do, you gain a legion of fans and create a unique selling point no one can copy without obviously doing so.

3- Be Timely

Social media has created a daily frenzy of news and trending topics. Brands ready to jump on any hot new thing as soon as it comes out and put their own spin on it will ride the high and not be seen as just another copy-cat. This is done so well during occasions such as elections and sports games, but maybe more memorable are those brands that intelligently respond to unexpected events.

Brands have to prove to an ever-more discerning audience that they bring something new to the table. Those willing to take risks will rise above the rest. Think differently and be a brand others follow.

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