4 Ways to Boost Customer Experiences and Elevate Your Business

In an experience economy where customers do not just buy products, elevating experiences (customer experiences) is very important to attract casual customers and turn them into brand ambassadors. These people will be your very loyal customers that will help spread a word of mouth on how great your products or services are.

However, customers with their growing demands can be difficult to handle. Some can be entitled and demanding, and if a company is not careful, it can cause online and social media backlash that would ruin your brand name.

But in a way, customers have power over a company. As they say, “customers are king” so it is understandable whenever customers become demanding; they only want to get what they deserve. After all, they are the ones spending money for your business to thrive. Customer comments and feedback are very important to improve business, and if companies do not listen to them, they are at risk of ruining their business.

Making your customers happy is not that difficult. Aside from ensuring that your products and service are of high quality, here are other steps to boost customer experiences:

Solve problems before it happens

Solving problems when it happens is a common customer service model, but if you look at it properly, these solutions are a mere band-aid solution. If you really want to elevate your business, you must find the root of the problem and solve it at that level.

That is why product incubation is very important to easily identify how products and services to improve issues before they are released to the public. Data-driven systematic insights like these help customers ensure that only quality products or services reach their customers, hence lessening any calls from disgruntled customers.

According to Peter Butler of Systematic Insights- Everise, a customer experience company, systematic insights curb the number of customer service inquiries they get, helping businesses to save money and improve their sales.

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“If we can understand that underlying issue, what’s driving those contact and solve them on a global scale, then those customers never have the need to contact us,” Butler said during a CX talk.

He also shared that product incubation offers these proven solutions:

  • a decrease in support calls
  • reduce appeasements
  • hardware, software, and firmware issues are solved earlier
  • gain usable CX data

Listen to customer concerns and feedback

customer experiences and satisfaction

Sometimes, customers call the customer service just to be heard and having someone to listen to their problems and able to solve them instantly can help appease them. That is why it is important to have a customer service team no matter how small your business is.

According to Hubspot, customer service is key to keeping your current customers and extract more value from them. And retaining customers is much more beneficial than finding new ones. Check the best way to get feedback from customers.

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As Bain and Company publish on their report on customer relationships, a 5% increase in customer retention leads to an increase in profit of at least 25%. This is because repeat customers are more likely to spend 67% more on brands they are familiar with.

Customer service agents are your frontline, and their goal is to satisfy your customers’ demands while preserving a good image for your business.

With this, agents should always be:

  • respectable
  • credible
  • quick to offer solutions
  • builds rapport and trust

Having good customer support will improve a customer’s experience with your brand.

Create seamless connections through technology

Technology has made people more connected than ever and companies should leverage this to build a stronger connection with their customers. Businesses should understand each media platform and be able to utilize them to meet their goals.

Platforms like social media, emails, SMS and chat apps are innovative ways to connect with customers, whether as a customer support tool or to drive them down the marketing tunnel. Having multiple channels for customers (other than the traditional phone calls) to connect with you makes it easier for them to share their feedback.

However, there are plenty of challenges in managing multichannel customer experience. One of which is unifying different sources of customer data in different channels. Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise and this technology allows easy access to data so CX agents can support customers regardless of their preferred communication platform.

customer experiences and satisfaction

Encourage them to engage

Companies should treat their customers as partners in marketing and evangelizing the brand. More than encouraging them to buy products or services, it is important you provide unique experiences that will encourage them to market your company through word of mouth.

Take Lego, for example, the company launched an in-store experience by creating galleries of Lego brick-based building and exercises. Visitors of their Lego House can visit each booth and tinker on the bricks to create race cars, stop-motion animation, and even personalized portraits out of bricks.

Such power to engage customers and create unique experiences, other than just selling them products help a company boost its brand and earn customers’ trust and loyalty.

Many traditional companies are still stuck in old business models and are disregarding the influence of creating great customer experiences. Understanding the needs of your customers and innovating your business is a big leap toward future-proofing your company and following the tips above are the first steps to help you achieve this goal.

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Kimpee, is a content writer and marketer, that is involved in elevating customer experiences through BPO customer services, Chat Support, RPM, AI and more.

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