5 Reasons Why Selective Eating Can Be Less Than Beneficial To You

Kids are picky about the food they eat. So can be grown-ups. Kids have their moods, and grown-ups have got their very own reasons. Some of them could be a result of being selective to the food in childhood. Some people are selective because they think that a certain kind of food is unhealthy or fatty or just not recommended by a few nutritionists.

There is a whole trend going on in the fitness industry, which is cutting out some specific kinds of food from the diet because they allegedly make us fat, turn our skin dull or prone to acne. Sugar and dairy are the two major victims of selective eating of such kind. We pick our foods by the number of carbs and the number of calories. We avoid oil in our food, our white rice is now brown. Legumes and pulses have been switched with quinoa and I can bet on it that most of our health-conscious friends must have bailed on all the mithayis during the festive season.

But Is it worth to quit or restrict these foods? Well, it might be true that consuming a lot of sugar, refined flour, and oily food can affect your health. It can be a possible reason for type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. But you do not need to ban it from your diet.

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Why do we select our food?

5 Reasons Why Selective Eating Can Be Less Than Beneficial To You

Alright! After the controversial dairy and sugar, let’s talk about other foods, and the people who voluntarily pass on eating those foods. Kids love making faces over milk, and green vegetables. They usually are fonder of taste than nutrition. The same is with the grown-ups sometimes. A lot of you might not even know, what is selective eating but a lot of us do that all the time.

Phrases like, “I don’t like pumpkins” or “I am following the NO CARB diet” are very common these days. Your reason for not having a category of food might be anything. Taste, mood or any fancy diet your friend suggested you. But, you might be missing a lot of essential nutrients.

Indian food is full of varieties, tastes and the cooking that we follow is considered nutritious. How we might be lacking the nutrients while not eating all the foods and why we should not be doing that, let’s discuss that further. 

Reasons not to skip your food.

No matter what your reason is. If you are a picky eater, you may not be benefitting yourself. Limiting your diet option can be the wrong choice. Here a few reasons to not to do so.

  1. Lack of nutrition

Selective eating maybe your habit, and eating the food of your choice probably makes you feel full. But satisfying your hunger is not the only thing that matters. Your meal should be full of nutrients and health. If you think that not eating Palak in your lunch won’t harm you, then you might be wrong. Palak or spinach is a rich source of iron, calcium, and zinc.

Kids hating green vegetables are the ones who become the choosy-eaters when they grow up. So, do not let the habit to grow up in your kids or even in yourself.

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  1. Food boredom

Food boredom is another issue that could arrive when following limited food options. You cannot have the same set of vegetables or pulses for a longer time. Your taste buds will get bored of it and to kill that boredom, you will start depending on unhealthy junk food thus declining the health status.

3- You miss a lot of good taste

Lauki may not be everybody’s choice to eat. Although it is full of nutrition, health and is completely wonderful for the growing children. Indian kitchens are full of experiments and even your mothers would cook the utterly delicious dessert of ‘lauki halwa’ or ‘gajar halwa’ or the famous stuffed karela, which you may not even look at because you just don’t like a vegetable they are made of. With that kind of choice in food, you might miss a lot of tastes in life. That’s why eat everything which is known to be good in taste. 

4- You could develop an eating disorder 

A lot of you might not be aware of it but a prolonged habit of picking and choosing can relate into the lesser-known, Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), oftentimes characterized as “extreme picky eating,” For individuals with ARFID the fear may stem from knowing they must eat, when they have no interest in eating, fearing the temperature might not be what they like, fear of choking or becoming sick or fear of eating a new food.

Selective eating disorder also can lead to malnutrition and unhealthy weight loss.

5 Reasons Why Selective Eating Can Be Less Than Beneficial To You

5- Not good for weight-loss

Having a variety of food is not exactly good for the people who are trying to lose weight. When your body does not get enough nutrients for itself, the metabolism is going to slow down, which means more complex to lose weight.

Final thought

Our body needs different kinds of macro and micro-nutrients. For that, we must eat a variety of food. All kinds of different foods need to be on our plates. Also, the same food every day will serve no better than just an overload of a few nutrients. Prefer rainbow food. Do not let the picky person in your take-over. If there are children of such habit. Try to teach them the value of all the foods and their nutritional values and avoid selective eating.

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