Event Planning: A Day in the Life of a Successful Event Planner

Event Planning: A Day in the Life of a Successful Event Planner

Planning an event can be stressful, but it can also be exciting and a lot of fun. Creative types will love having the ability to take a blank palette and build on it to make a lovely atmosphere that promises fun and excitement for everyone involved.

If you get a rush out of the thrill of event planning, you might consider making it your career. Of course, if you are branching out into a new career, you must think carefully considering what you will be doing on a daily basis to determine if the work will be truly enjoyable. Keeping that in mind, here is a view of the day to day life of a successful event planner.

The Science of Event Planning

To the untrained eye, event planning may not seem like much of a science. You find a venue, get supplies, plan activities, invite guests and hope that everyone has a good time.

But once you start taking event planning to the next level, you will realize there are a lot of metrics involved. Costs and savings should be monitored so you can budget appropriately. If the event is one that is made to generate money, your ROI must be considered as well. You should also know how much food and supplies to order to ensure your guests are fed without an excessive amount going to waste.

Eventbrite can be a useful tool in helping you keep track of metrics. It measures ticket sales to see how much you made from each ticket type, promotional code usage, attendee geography and merchandise sales. You can use this information as guidance to help you create events that are financially successful in the future.

Event Planning: A Day in the Life of a Successful Event Planner

Communicate with Your Clients

Each event is unique, and each client has different ideas when it comes to what they want at their affair. Be sure to communicate with your clients to find out exactly what they are looking for. Keep the communication up during the planning process to be sure all is going accordingly.

Know Your Priorities

No matter what type of event you are planning, you will always be working with a deadline. That’s why it’s so important for an event planner to prioritize.

Finding a venue will always be a priority while arranging a guest list, food and entertainment are other things that should be addressed early on. However, the world of event planning is unpredictable, and you never know when one of your vendors might fall through or when you’ll need to get on top of boosting attendance if you feel like there might be a poor turnout.

An experienced event planner will start to get a feel for where their priorities lie and take things as they come to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Keep Up on the Latest Trends

The world of event planning is constantly updating. There are new trends in technology that can help you keep track of metrics. New decorating styles and party activities also go in and out of vogue and different ideas for unusual locations can inspire you.

There are several publications that report the latest trends in event planning. Take some time out to read some of the blogs and articles that are coming out each day. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors to make sure you are always keeping up with the Joneses.

Keep a List of Vendors

As you become more experienced in the world of event planning, you will find that there are certain vendors you will enjoy working with. They may offer you the best customer service, the lowest prices or the most diverse range of options when it comes to providing you with the goods and services you need.

Your vendors will include party supply companies, party entertainment, food suppliers, caterers, a wait staff and venues you prefer working with. Not every vendor will be perfect for every party which is why it’s a good idea to keep a list on hand, so you know exactly who to call for the event you are currently working on.

After a while, you will establish a relationship with your vendors making the process of ordering what you need quicker and easier. If you provide the vendors with ongoing business, you may even get discounted rates.

Fruit Seller, Fruit Stand, Vendor

Stay in Touch

As with any business, it’s a good idea to stay in touch with your clients. That way, you will be the first option that comes to mind when they are looking to plan an event or are asked for recommendations.

If you planned an anniversary or birthday party for a client, be sure to send out a card every year to keep up the relationship. Send regular greetings to your vendors as well as this will build a relationship that may give you extra bargaining power in the future.

Take Time Out to Relax

Party planning can be fun and exciting, but it is also one of the more stressful career options. In order to avoid sleepless nights stressing out over your job,  Be sure to take some time out to breathe deeply, meditate or do whatever it takes to keep the stress under control.

Working with a reliable team can also help eliminate stress. If you are fortunate enough to have a reliable team behind you, take time out to meet with them over coffee and catch up on the projects you have going to establish a clear-headed approach to what needs to be done.

event planning relaxation

Ask for Feedback

As with any career, getting feedback can be a great way to find out what you did right and improve on what may have gone wrong. Feedback should be obtained from your clients, attendees, and stakeholders utilizing specialist tools.

Eventbrite offers pre and post-event surveys that can give you the down-low on what the guests really thought. There are also several survey templates available for a wide range of events that you can customize and send out to your clients and guests to make the process simple.

Event planning can be an exciting career for anyone who is creative and enjoys socializing. However, it can also be quite stressful. Hopefully, this article has given you a good idea of what you can expect to be doing as an event planner so you can decide if this is an industry that is right for you. We wish you the best of luck on the path you choose.


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