How This Magical Herb (Kratom) Changing The Life of Entrepreneurs?

kratom for entrepreneurs

Starting your own business and building your empire block by block, piece by piece, idea by idea, is indeed a challenging feat. It requires a lot from you mentally, physically, financially and even emotionally. Growing a business requires the combination of a sound mind, creativity-filled to the brim, upbeat motivation, and healthy body.

Sometimes you just have two or three characteristics working for you. Your creativity is soaring and reaching new heights but your body is wallowing in the corner. Or perhaps you are not motivated but flustered or worried that your idea might just go to the eternal forgotten before it is even launched in the market. Daily issues and concerns, family troubles may also get in the way.

The entrepreneurial process is much like a rollercoaster ride full of ups, downs and even loops. In down times, many entrepreneurs trust the benefits of drinking kratom tea to save their day and the future of their business. It keeps them motivated and refills their creative juices.

There has been much buzz about Kratom plant (Mitragyna speciosa) in recent years. This tropical evergreen is richly grown in the marshy lands of Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and in various islands of the Pacific Rim. A cousin of the coffee family, many people claim that its use for medicinal and traditional purposes should be continued. Time for this generation to harness its benefits as well.

Kratom’s effects can be broken down in two aspects: energy-boost and relaxation. David Kroll, a pharmacist, has subjected the herb in a close study for several years. According to him, tribes indigent in Southeast Asia have long used kratom to sustain their day to day activities with improved endurance and energy levels. In addition, farmers also used this to increase productivity during the day while serving as a relaxant also to end the long and tiring day at the fields.


kratom for entrepreneurs

This supplement is widely available in many forms in online stores like In Southeast Asia, the wide leaves are hand-picked, exposed to the sun until completely dry, brewed and taken the same way as tea. The powder form is also being sold in the market. This is derived from crushed dried leaves and is taken in with the addition of water.

Since the early part of the 21st century, production and distribution of kratom dramatically increased. In most parts of the United States, it is popular for people who are suffering from different kinds of chronic pain. Opioid and alcohol dependents also use it as they wean off the said substances. Users of kratom also observed beneficial effects to both productivity and creativity, two attributes of entrepreneurs need to climb up the ladder of success.

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Although many back up the benefits of the kratom, the mechanism behind its stimulant effects is still undetermined. This may be due to the difference in preparation for all varieties and forms available in the market. If taken in high dosage, it may alleviate and relieve chronic pain. This resulted however to banning of the plant-derived supplements in some states, the latest of which is Alabama.


Upon drinking kratom, the initial effect is a sudden gush of energy, much like the exhilarating effect of coffee drinking. But locals say that kratom’s effect is better and lasts longer than that of coffee’s energy burst. The energy can even be sustained to more than four hours. There is no kratom crash counterpart for caffeine crash wherein the effects would usually mellow and eventually die down.

With all the demands faced by entrepreneurs on a day to day basis, this kratom kick can be more than useful. Kratom’s energy is just the right mix and balance that enables our dependable entrepreneurs to perfectly wear the various hats they wear and the various roles they portray.

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Kratom has no direct effect though on creativity. If taken at higher, yet safe levels, it may also cause relaxation but not to the point that may be compared to being sedated. It is a good feeling that allows the brain to function properly giving room for ideas to flow and creativity to flourish. It erases anxiety, negativities, and other daily worries. However, it is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. All the perfect ingredients in the recipe for creativity.


Others claim that taking in kratom while on a fasting state produces better results. If you are one of these people who joined the hype of intermittent fasting, we suggest for you to break the fast and take kratom during the part of the day where you feel like you are in your element. Do this and you might feel like and lean mean creativity machine.

The kratom-coffee combination is like Romeo and Juliet but without the tragic ending. Imagine feeling euphoric yet stimulated or maybe relaxed yet empowered. There’s no doubt drinkers do not only brew kratom but some great ideas as well. Not only is this good in creativity but in physical activity or exercise too. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Keto or Ketogenic is another diet taking the health world by storm. MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides), is a popular supplement for avid Keto fans. It easily converts to ketone bodies which can be fed to the brain to aid in cognition. Optimum brain function? Yes please!

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Should you know of people who would want to feel the wonderful benefits of this evergreen? You can ask them to check out for various features and products. Not everyone might like it as tea that is why there are other forms available. To each his own. Let us just all enjoy the natural goodness brought about by this gift from nature.

The use of kratom is generally safe for healthy individuals. But as a precaution, it is best for beginners to always do a test dose first and see if any adverse effects such as allergies, nausea, headache, vomiting or the like may arise. Fair warning though for pregnant, lactating women,  and liver patients to avoid using kratom altogether.

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