How To Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer Season

Healthy hair tips in the summer

Keeping healthy hair during the summer can be challenging.

Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel way happier in this season because I can finally go on beaches with my family or friends and enjoy outdoor sports like Basket Ball, Volley Ball, biking, swimming, and the list goes on.

Summer season comes along with lots of fun activities to do but at the same time, it becomes quite difficult to protect your hair from the harmful sun rays. Exposure in the sunlight causes the same impact on your hair as it has on your skin and health.

What Sunrays actually causes to our Hair?

  • Lessens the shine of hair making them look dull and flat.
  • Sweating due to prolong exposure in the sun leads to dandruff, frequent Oily hair and split ends.
  • Hair becomes thinner and hair fall increases.
  • Damages the outer covering of the hair making them frizzy.
  • Styling of hair becomes quite difficult.

But that does not mean you should stay at home only rather understand how to protect the summer hair from heat damage.

Although there is an alternative to chop off your damaged hair or go for a complete haircut. But you will no longer need to do this.

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Just learn how to have healthy hair in summers by following these simple steps:

hair colouring

  • Do not go for Hair-Color!

Do not go for any hair color change in this summer season. The chemicals present in the color worsens the condition of your hair, even more, making it more dry and Frizzy.

If you already have hair Color, then protect your hair from the heat by covering up with hats or scarfs. In this way, your hair and skin both will be protected from the harmful Sunrays.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner for shining summer hair

Do not shampoo your hair every day otherwise your hair will be super dry. Try to do it alternately. Always use shampoo in the scalp not on the hair to preserve the natural health of the hair. Conditioner should be used between 3-4 days to well moisturizes the hair.

Note: Choose shampoo according to your hair texture to protect your hair from this scorching heat.

  • Apply Sunscreen on hair as well.

Apply sunscreen on your hair before stepping out in the sun. Do not use hair sunscreen or shampoo consisting of protection from UV rays as they are made up of chemicals which might damage your Hair. It is advised to apply a running hand on hair with the same sunscreen that you apply on the skin.

  • Stay away from Heating the summer hair

Refrain from styling your hair frequently using electronic devices in the summer season. Sun’s heat is already enough to heat up your Hair. Heating up the hair on a daily basis will damage its natural shine. Hair will become weak and thin. There will be more hair fall too.

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  • Add more Fluids in your Diet

What you eat or drink has a lot of impact on your skin, hair, and health. Our body is made up of 70% of water which makes it necessary to intake as many fluids as possible to stay well hydrated especially in the summer season.

Go for cool liquids which refresh your mood and fill your stomach enough. Eat juicy fruits like watermelon, cucumber, berries, mangoes, etc.

Cold-pressed juices are highly recommended to keep the body well hydrated without causing any side effect. They do not consist of any additive sugar or preservatives thus they will not cause any damage to your health.

Final Thoughts:

Give extra care to your hair in this summer season to protect them from heat damage. Level up your look by using caps, hats, scarfs, headband and various head accessories available in the market which cover up your Hair perfectly.

Neither let your hair open freely or tie them tightly because it will cause hair fall and breaking of hair. Try out various hairstyles like braid, pony, messy bun, loose bun, etc. to protect your summer hair. Use a broad brush to comb the hair and avoid combing wet hair as it will cause more hair to fall. If you are going swimming, then apply a little amount of conditioner and wear a head mask.

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Try out home remedies like Olive oil, Coconut oil, Egg, Banana, etc. for taking extra care of your hair rather than using chemical products which have a negative impact on the hair. Now that you know how to have healthy hair in summers let’s find out the tasty and healthy recipes of smoothies which in turn helps in maintaining your health.

Have a Happy Summer!


I am Tanya, graduate from Delhi University and working for OMJOOS, a brand of More Orgo Private Limited. I have health and fitness industry experience and I love to share knowledge with people about organic food and cold-pressed juices available in the market. For the most part, I interact with people to know about their lifestyle and how they can stay healthy and fit to live life to the fullest. It’s great to listen to their stories to stay fit and healthy and share my thoughts and knowledge with them.

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