Healthy and Proper Care of a Fractured Bone

Proper Care of a Fractured Bone

Fractures, breaks in the bone, are not only painful, but they can be accompanied by swelling, bruising and/or tenderness. If you have these symptoms or have trouble bearing weight on the area, allow a professional to assess the injury.

Don’t wait. This can lead to further complications such as issues with bone placement and infection. Early detection is important. You’ll want to consider the following tips to help you through the ordeal.

See a Doctor

A physician should evaluate you. Share your story about how it happened, and don’t hide any concerns. Let the doctor know everything. Digital x-ray imaging might be ordered to diagnose a break. This procedure usually doesn’t take long, and it requires you to have a few pictures of the area. Sometimes the tech will even let you keep your own copy as a souvenir. The images help your doctor determine the best course of recovery.

In addition, age, health, and daily activity can impact recuperation. Based on these factors, you may receive a boot, cast or surgery. Maintain follow up appointments to discuss and monitor your progress.

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Take It Easy

Now, the difficulty is learning to slow down and rest. After all, the body needs a chance to mend and that requires giving the injury less activity and stress. This is an opportunity to catch up on a show, read a book, or learn a new game. Stay mentally alert to help your mood, and make sure to eat right.

Proper nutrition and hydration can help the body. The doctor might suggest any vitamins such as magnesium, calcium and vitamin D that could prove helpful in bone strength. Before you return to a normal routine, ask your doctor about any precautions. If you’ve been out of commission for a while, rehab may be needed to work the muscles. Again, go slow. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

It’s a frustrating experience, but each person heals differently. Use the incident to learn something new, and trust the doctors to help you improve.

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