Benefits of Lifting Lighter Weights

Benefits of Lifting Lighter Weights

Weightlifting can be a very intimidating form of exercise, especially if you are a newbie into training drills. In most cases, when you walk into a gym, you will not fail to notice several guys lifting crazy weights.

However, we are here to allay those fears. You don’t have to bench press 300 pounds or walk around with a 40-pound dumbbell to see significant changes from your training routine. Studies carried out by a group of sports scientists show that training with lighter weights can bring similar results as training with heavier ones.

So, what are the benefits of lifting lighter weights?

Understand the Correct Posture

For guys who are just getting started with weight training, starting with lighter weights gives them a platform to learn and understand the right body posture when lifting.

When it comes to working out, using the correct body posture plays a very significant role. Using the wrong stance can often lead to muscle injuries or loss of form.

Improved Strength

Lifting lighter weights boosts your strength levels. Lifting weights work out your bones which makes them stronger thanks to the extra density acquired. Additionally, the wear and tear on your muscle tissue prompt hypertrophy (growth of muscle tissue due to wear and tear).

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Boost Your Endurance Levels

According to fitness experts, you should go for weights that you can comfortably do six lifts per set. This will help you build muscle alongside improving your endurance levels. Besides, it will also give you an improvement window where you can look towards adding more sets or reps to your training routine.

Can Help You Improve Your Fitness Levels

Getting back to the gym after a long hiatus can be very challenging due to a few reasons – the main one being a loss of form. However, if you’re getting back from an injury or after a long time on the sidelines’, getting started with lighter weights can help you scale up your fitness levels.

Moreover, you can also complement your light-weight training with workout supplements for quicker gains. You can purchase original fitness enhancement products from

Improved Stability

Senior citizens may struggle with issues to do with stability due to losing muscle mass and dwindling bone density. However, a regular training session using light weights can help make their muscles and bones stronger – translating to improved stability.

What’s more interesting is that they will train without putting themselves at risk of injury.

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Improved Overall Performance

Adding variety to your training regimen is an efficient way to boost your overall performance, and there is no better way to do that than adding a weightlifting session to your routine. For example, if you are a soccer player, doing light weight lifting will help boost your strength and endurance levels.

Additionally, it will help you spice up your training routine, keeping you safe from a fitness rut or hitting a plateau.

Mood Booster

Working out triggers the release of happy hormones, otherwise known as endorphins. This leads to improved moods after you’re done with your gym session. Additionally, it is good for better mental health.