business competitors analysis

Are you planning on starting a new business or have you already done it and wondered what the crucial issues you should ask about the competition are? America is a country of entrepreneurs, and small businesses are the main providers or job opportunities for people. We need big entrepreneurs to continue pushing the economy forward.

Who are the business competitors?

A business competitor is any person or entity competing with another. In business, a company in the same industry or a similar industry offering a similar product or service. The presence of one or more competitors can reduce the prices of goods and services as companies try to gain a larger market share — a company offering similar products or services.

If you are looking to create a new company, you cannot succeed without understanding what is there and what the competition looks like; But sometimes entrepreneurs cannot know how to approach this task. The way to do that is to identify the right questions to ask.

The following questions are the crucial ones to ask about your business competitors.

business competitors analysis

1- Who is your competitor?

The number one question you should ask is, who are your competitors? You can be in a new industry, but you probably are not. The first thing you should find out is who your competition is and what they offer in terms of products and services. You also want to know how they position themselves in the market. If you were your customers, what would you like to highlight about your competitors, your products or services?

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Once you’ve got your competitors clear, you need to make a SWOT analysis. List all your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your business can face in the market. Be objective to some extent, if possible, go to trusted advisors who can provide you with the third party information. You will understand what others outside of you and your team think of your business and your offerings.

3- Differentiation.

Think of your products and services related to your competitors’ offers. Consider all your products or services, including those you do not intend to give in your business and understand what makes your services better. If your competitors are doing something better than you, or are planning to do so, think carefully about how to improve your offerings on the market. Think of ideas and try them out in the market when you have the chance so that you can be at least one step ahead of the competition.

4- Connections with the customer

One of the reasons my businesses have been successful is because we prioritize the service and relationships with exceptional customers. For my team, it is always about building relationships, even with our most difficult customers. When considering your business, think about what your business competitors can do better for your customers, as this will allow you to offer them. Pay close attention when thinking about how to develop a customer relationship program that kills the competition.

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5- Price

When you bring your products or services to the market, you need to understand how your offers compare with your competitors. If you can offer a product at a lower price, is it still of high quality? But if your prices are higher than your competitors, what will you offer that will always encourage customers to pay a higher price for what they have on the market?

Once you reach the starting point to determine the price. It’s important to have done the previous steps because it will help you identify the right price for your product or service and also support your reasons for it.


After reviewing these five questions, you will get a better idea not only for your business competitors but more importantly for important information that will help you position yourself in the market.

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