Diet and Dental Care: 4 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Diet and Dental Care 4 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

When it comes to food, we often focus more on the impact it has on our figure than anything else. But our diet also plays a significant role in our oral health (dental care). It will come as no surprise to you, then, to know that, to maintain healthy teeth, a good diet is essential. This means not only eating plenty of leafy greens, proteins, and healthy fats but also avoiding some foods.

Here are four foods that can cause damage to your teeth and should be eaten with temperance.

Sticky Candy

When you suck on sticky candy, its sugar adheres to your dental enamel. Sugary foods that stay in the mouth provide a constant source of nutrition for acid-producing bacteria. Frequently sucking on sugary hard candy can cause dental decay.

Other sticky sweets, such as fruit leather and even raisins, can also lead to cavities since they are prone to get stuck between teeth. Sugar-free hard candies and sugar-free gum are a healthier alternative, and since they encourage saliva production, they can help prevent dental decay.

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Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is both acidic and highly pigmented. That combination can cause staining of the teeth, leaving them brown or beige. Coffee, wine, and even soy sauce are also apt to discolour enamel. Additionally, any food that has a lot of acids will help break down the tooth’s exterior over time.

For stronger teeth, rinse well with water after eating acidic food. Once stains have set, the only reliable way to remove them is through a professional cleaning by a dental professional.

Ice Chips

Chewing on hard ice is a common cause of dental damage. Teeth, especially those with any structural weakness, are prone to breaking on ice as well as items like olive pits that get accidentally left in food. Chewing on ice can result in tooth breakage and cracks, which can be painful and requires emergency dental care.

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White Bread

Soft carbohydrates like bread also have a tendency to get stuck between teeth. There, the carbs break down and feed the bacteria that live in the mouth. Those bacteria produce acid that breaks down tooth enamel. When enjoying carb-rich foods, it’s important to floss and brush after to prevent cavities.


A nourishing diet that is light on these foods is best for avoiding dental decay. Fortunately, a lot can be done to fix damage caused by problem foods. A cosmetic dentist can restore stained teeth using whitening techniques as well as long-lasting veneers. Teeth damaged by dental decay can be restored with fillings or completely rebuilt as needed. Dental care is an utmost priority.

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