Photography: 5 Tips When Scouting Locations For Your Next Shoot

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Scouting locations are something which can fill photographers with dread, but it needn’t be that way.

In this post, we have listed 5 of our best tips which will help you in finding the perfect spot for your next photoshoot.

Understand the story

As photographers, one of the most essential things for us to keep in mind when searching for a location is the story we are trying to tell with our photoshoot.

Choosing a location can be an arduous task even for experienced photographers, with almost endless options.

If you understand exactly what you are trying to convey, you can narrow down your search tremendously. This will be invaluable in sourcing that perfect spot.

Communicating with your clients will help in bringing you towards choosing the ideal location. Through talking with them you can come to an understanding of what they are looking for, even if they themselves don’t know.

Also, you will get to know your clients as people which can help even further in sourcing the ideal location, as well as giving you an idea of what style of photography to employ during the shoot.

Timing is Essential

The timing of a shoot can be the difference between a great photoshoot and a poor photoshoot. You don’t need us to tell you that season, weather and the time of day can all significantly impact on the suitability, or otherwise, of a location for a photoshoot.

Once you have some ideas in mind for a location, go and check the location out at certain times of day.

Is there something about the light at a certain time of day which brings the effect you are looking for with the photoshoot? Does the location perhaps not have the same appeal during the winter months in comparison to the spring, particularly with outdoor locations?

Also, if you have a specific location in mind, it is a good idea to head there during different spells of weather to ascertain the effect of different weather on the location.

And, most important of all, once you have a location and time in mind, make sure you visit the location at that specific time before the photoshoot to ensure that it is indeed the right spot for the shoot.

Light is your Friend

You probably know this already, but the light is absolutely a key ingredient to the whole recipe. If you have some general ideas for a shoot, particularly if it is an indoor shoot, ensure you take into account the light which will be available and plan accordingly.

Sometimes it can be as simple as just opening the curtains and blinds wider or changing the bulb. Still, it can definitely pay to ensure you have necessary light equipment on set.

Generally, you can get more creative with light with outdoor shoots. Light may contrast differently around certain objects and also reflects more prominently off brighter surfaces such as white walls.

If you have a location in mind, just get creative with the natural light and see how you can integrate it most effectively with the photoshoot.

Take notes

Taking notes after every photo shoot is a fantastic habit to get into. You would be surprised how quickly you forget little thoughts and ideas you have on set.

Jotting down your thoughts straight after the shoot can help you in your future shoots immensely. Think of the note taking as a part of the job – a way to conclude it all.

And, once that is done, you are free to enjoy a bit of a gamble, should that be your way of winding down!

Engage in the Community

 In the digital age, connecting with fellow photographers is effortless. Take advantage and get involved in the conversation.

 Bouncing ideas off one another can help us to see our own ideas in a different light, as well as discovering new angles to explore through the ideas of others. Furthermore, the guidance and knowledge of more seasoned photographers can be invaluable.

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 If you they know in a new area, you could interact with photographers who have done photoshoots in the area.

Perhaps they know of a perfect location for your shoot or are privy to some information which you need to know.

Likewise, you can impart your knowledge to fellow photographers in areas which you are familiar with.  Also, let’s be honest, it’s sometimes just nice to chat with those who are in a similar position to ourselves.

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