Different Horse Racing Events That You Must Visit

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As someone who is a horse racing enthusiast, you should know that there are several different types of races, specific requirements for these races, and implications of the races on the horses which compete on these races. You would most probably be surprised to know that there are different types of horse races. In this article, you will learn about different horse races forms and types.

Whenever horse racing is made into a topic for conversation, then people will think about only the thoroughbred racing in general times. However, this is the only misconception because there are various forms of horse racing like the harness racing or the steeplechase races. The thoroughbred is just the most popular form of racing. No doubt, the Kentucky Derby is one such racing event.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is an aspect of the three-part grand slam equestrian racing competition. It is known as the Triple Crown. This is a highly exciting race and is wholly based on the adrenaline rush. Also, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, The Belmont Stake are three races that make up the prestigious Triple Crown horse racing prize. Up until this day, only eleven horses have been known to win this prestigious prize.  Stakes races reserve the most robust competition levels. Only the best horses take part in this, and it requires you to register the different horses. The money that gets collected becomes the prize money. Stakes races can also get turned into graded races.

Different types of horse racing

Horses must meet specific specified criteria before getting allowed to participate in the races. Some races can require specific extra weight requirements for better horses. Such races are known as handicap races. The extra weight that is put on them will depend on the past performances of these horses.

Certain races need the horse to have won three races before being allowed to participate in that race. Such races are known as allowance races. The horses that participate in such races are of high quality, and they are well prepared to participate in these races also. The horses of these races can compete in handicapped and stake races also.

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There is also a novel form of a race called the claiming race which makes the most common type of horse racing. Claiming races are also optional in the sense that before the race, the owners will have to specify the amount with which their thoroughbred can get claimed or purchased.

Owners do not list their best horses in such claiming races. These races are best suited to train and expose the weak horses that you may have. So, select a race that you want to watch accordingly.

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Horse racing is an exciting sport. It has different types and criteria. Different types of horses are allowed to participate in different races. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.