Instagram Analytics and the Advantages that You Need to Know

Instagram Analytics tips

Instagram Analytics is nothing but an important tool, which has allowed the marketers to track the performance of their posts and improve future campaigns for reaching the different goals of social media marketing. Instagram is known to offer a native tool which is known as Instagram Insights.

For using the Instagram Insights, you have to convert from your personal account to the business account. With the help of the Instagram Insights, you have the capability of monitoring the profile visits, followers, post saves, and the time at which your followers send messages to you.

Given below is a list of the various benefits that you will get if you are using Instagram Analytics.

Knowing the audience

The Analytics tool helps in breaking down the demographics in accordance with the gender, location, language, or age. You will also get the opportunity of viewing the interest of your followers as well as their purchasing behaviour. Moreover, you can make use of this information for modifying the strategy of posting contents.

There are chances that your followers are not similar to the other people who are following you on the other social media networks. Therefore, the Analytics tool helps you to figure out what your followers are looking forward to seeing and you can promote the contents accordingly.

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Measuring success

While you get the opportunity of tracking the number of engagements, which include, the number of likes, comments and mentions, and much more. Instagram Insights also allows you to view the numbers over a particular period of time. When you compare the various time periods, you will be able to analyze your growth and understand the time that is best for posting content.

You will also be able to view the kinds of media, which are known to receive more engagement, the filters that will get likes, and more. You can get real Instagram likes to boost your visibility and reach more audience.

Planning future campaigns

By making use of the Instagram Insights, you will be able to obtain important information like the hashtags that you should be using. Gaining knowledge about the influencers present within the branding niche, etc.

This information can be extremely helpful when you are planning the next campaign for your social media networks. Analytics also help in revealing all the weak areas that you have, which allows you to reconsider them and adjust the objectives and goals that you have accordingly.

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Monitoring the promoted posts

The Instagram Analytics tool helps in determining the performance of all the promoted posts. You will be able to understand whether they are receiving enough ROI. You will also have the opportunity of comparing the organic as well as the promoted impressions in order to get an idea about the success of the Instagram ads.

On basis of the performance results that you get, you can consider improving your posts. You will also be able to understand how the advertisements on Instagram have been expanding the reach of your business.


Knowing how your promoted posts are doing on Instagram is crucial to measure the success of your social media campaigns. Moreover, it will also help you to plan your future campaigns easily.

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