How to Amazingly Increase Trust in the Internet

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Can you increase trust in the internet?

Around the world, people are increasingly dependent on the internet which has become part of our daily lives in a big way. But despite this reliance, some of us are very distrustful of the Web sphere. Other people are more trustful and careless but there could be a bad surprise for them around the corner, as has happened to many Web users in the past.

In the course of using online services like banking, social media channels, shopping online and paying our bills, sharing private pictures and stories and doing many other common things online, we leave a lot of information behind. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it could harm us financially or emotionally.

Every online service you may use will collect and later store some of your personal data. And you have to trust that they are going to use it for the intended purpose you provide that data, and for no other reason. But that is not always the case as data security breaches happen regularly.  If it is not hackers doing it, it can be sophisticated scammers of all types and even the big tech companies.


The risks of using the Internet

Hackers would find a back-door entry into a server so that they can infiltrate programs and penetrate secure information, thereafter using such information as they please. The reason this is possible in the first place is that some websites or computer systems have some technical vulnerabilities that these hackers know how to detect.

Spammers act at a different level. They will create all sorts of ways to deceive people by appearing for what they are not, or lying about what they offer, or misrepresenting the type of service or product that want you to purchase.

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Finally, the big data companies are not criminals as the previous two categories of harmful actors on the Web. However, they can still use our private data in ways unknown to most users, in order to help their customers make more sales. Have you ever wondered why when you nearly completed a purchase, you will then see an ad for that same product everywhere you go on the Internet? This is called retargeting and it uses your private data


Which websites to trust

Despite promises of data security, the big tech firms have repeatedly failed to protect their users’ private information.  As a result, people have become distrustful of the internet.  As a website owner, you want people to trust you.  Whether it is a business website or a personal blog, you want to be able to influence people the right way.  But you cannot do that without trust. Earning trust online is an uphill battle.

Unlike offline interactions, you cannot meet people face to face and gauge their trustworthiness. You will do business with people you have never met, buy products you haven’t seen while trusting whoever you are transacting with will hold up their end of the bargain. That’s why trust online is essential. Here are five techniques for earning trust online.


Display certified trust seals

A trust seal assures your website visitors of the site’s legitimacy. This is because the trust seal company confirms that your website is legitimate and has a secure transmission for customer information. Trust seals are usually associated with SSL or secure sockets layer which ensures that all data transmitted on the website is encrypted. Displaying trust seals increases your website’s trustworthiness.


Have a privacy policy

With identity theft and leaking of private information being a constant worry for internet users, a privacy policy comes in handy. It assures users that any private information they share with you is safe. This includes financial information, customer name, address, credit card information, etc. Be sure to stick to your word and never compromise or disclose any customer information that you shouldn’t.


Display testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied users can go a long way in reassuring potential customers of your website’s credibility. Seeing people who have benefitted from your service or product can eliminate any lingering doubts they might have. It allows them to identify with the people from the testimonials and as a result, identify with your product or service.

It also adds a human element to your website and helps break down walls that people put up when browsing online. You need to use at least three testimonials and make sure they are real people and not models. Use their name, picture, and location to make it more credible. Display this on the homepage so that your users can see it when they land on your website.


Have a comprehensive ‘About Us’ page

An about page tells your website users everything they need to know about you and your business. Many will want to know more about your business before buying anything from you, so you need to create a comprehensive about page. You should include a brief history of your business, the types of products and services you offer, and what your business culture is. Include pictures of your team members along with short biographies.

If it is a personal blog, tell your website users something about yourself, what the blog is about, your unique philosophy, and include an image of yourself.  This humanizes your website and makes users connect with you. Remember people do business with people they know, like and trust.

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Make your website technically sound

The final technique is to make sure your website is up to par with the latest technical requirements of a solid website. Compare your site to the top e-commerce site like Amazon and see what make them so comfortable to users.

Notable factors are site speed and no downtime, which requires quality web hosting; perfect English which implies a sense of perfection; quality images, web design and layout, which shows a sense of aesthetics; convenient browsing, scrolling, clicking and shopping cart interaction which shows you care about your customers; and transparency which proves you are trustworthy.

Increase the trust you induce when people visit and browse your website. As a result, your conversion rate and sales are sure to get a boost.



Oliver Alin is an online marketer who likes to improve his web design skills and his conversion rate. He uses a new tool called Trustactivity in order to increase trust in his websites.

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