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Importance of Motivation in an Educational Environment

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Educational environment and motivation go in line with each other. Motivation is a kind of positive energy which helps us to do work without any kind of stress. Motivation is very important in our life it’s like an air to live. When you get motivational words it makes you energetic and helps to do what you want to do in your life. Stresses are the part of our life. Therefore, an educational environment plays a key role in motivating us.

In this world, there is no one without stress. It’s part of our life and it depends upon us how we treat it and how we handle it. Some may have the courage to handle stress but some don’t have that much willpower to cope up with it.

In such cases positive thoughts and motivational words are helpful. In academic life, it is natural that each and every student faces stress and depression because of loads of work and the expectations of teachers and parents. Students really need a motivational counselling which helps them to be stress-free and they can easily concentrate on studies and get good marks in anemically performance. Motivation is one of the key points in the educational environment. We must understand that motivation gives energy and directs us to achieve our goal.

When people suffer from lack of motivation they will face some kind of difficulties in doing their work. Negative thoughts and words always make people depressed and they fail to perform their activities. As we know our entire world is moved by words as in educational system also.

Improves performance

Every student expects some kind of motivational element from the teacher’s side and from the family side. If they don’t get it they will fail to do their work without stress. If a child scores good mark in the first exam naturally teacher and parents expect the same in the next examination. This is because of stress, he failed to perform at the same level. At that teachers and parents should motivate the child instead of criticizing if you criticize them they will go down again so in such educational environment we must cooperate with the students and should understand their mental stress and should motivate them.

And can give real-life examples to motivate them it will really help them to boost their energy and concentrate on studies again and can score good marks. The teacher must be able to encourage student’s performance in the classroom. If a child is introvert and not able to talk openly teacher must talk that student and must motivate with words and should make them feel that he is also counted in the classroom. Such feelings will help him to participate in the discussion. It will help in individual development with such educational environment.

Increases confidence

It’s natural that some students have an interest in the certain subject but in some subject, they get failed. So in such matters teacher must take initial steps to do in that subject too. If students are not filled with motivational words they will not be able to do anything in life because of lack of confidence. Confidence is the basic key to success to get success one must be motivated. When they are motivated it will result in an increase in confidence.

Students will do their work confidently and will perform actively. If a child is not able to present project or seminar not able to stand in front of the whole class then the teacher must call that particular student talk to him or her and boost with positive words and motivate them to do goo in their activity. It will really affect them positively and will help to increase their confidence and will do well.

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Improve efficiency

The student’s efficiency is not only based on their abilities and qualifications. To get the best performance from the student’s ability at the same time the willingness to do the performance is also very important. If the student’s performance not valued and not taken into account then it naturally decreases the efficiency of the student. Also, if a teacher motivates and encourages the performance of the student then she will try her or his best to do best in the next academicals performance. If it is not motivated or recognized by any faculty members of the educational institutions then naturally there will be a decline in the efficiency of the performance of the student.

So, motivate also helps to increases the efficiency of the students. It really helps and enhances the performance ability of the child. So the teacher must be able to keep the balance between ability and the motivational elements then only students can perform well and efficiency can be increased in it.

Change in behaviour

Another important use of motivation is a drastic change in the behavioural pattern of the students. If a student is not behaving properly in the class and not concentrating on studies then that particular child needs motivational counselling. If teacher show interest in that particular Childs performance and ask him to be good and do good work in class through those motivational words and care by teacher students will change their negative behaviour and help to achieve his goal in life.

Some students never take studies and future as a serious matter but some real-life experience and motivational words they can bring in the right direction. But in a single attempt, it will not change it needs continues care and attention from the teacher and family. We should never ignore such child we must talk to that child. We should always boost up to do some good deeds in life and do well in academicals career. If he feels that some are there who are interested in him or some are there who wants me perform then really it will motivate them to do good in an academic career.

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We can say that motivation is not only important in an educational environment is also needed in every field. Everyone has the ability but people mainly need motivation and encouragement to understand the skills and to need the motivation to perform it. So in education students have talent but they lack confidence. In such cases, motivation plays miracle and helps students to do good in their academicals career. To achieve long term and short term goal people need inspiration from every side. As I told the whole world is based on motivation because it gives energy and boosts our spirit to live happily and successively.


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