The Importance of using Instagram to Promote a Fashion Blog

Instagram and Fashion Blog

Fashion blog and Instagram can work out for you.

These days, a popular medium of expression is through the use of personal blogs and through personal business websites. This is a popular trend that has been adopted by plenty of people from all over the world. This is not just an alternate mode of expression that is used by people to give vent to their personal feelings, but it is also a highly beneficial source of income for a lot of people who can use it for various purposes.

These days virtual economy is quite strong, and people actually earn a lot of money through several ways over the internet. If you are someone who has a fashion blog or fashion retail website, you can actually earn a lot of money by promoting it through Instagram, and this article will help you learn how you can do this.

The popularity of Fashion blogs

These days, blogs about travel, lifestyle and those that are related to fashion are extremely popular when compared to other types of topics. These blogs enjoy a high degree of viewership, and this is primarily because these days people like reading about the rich people, celebrities, and their unique lifestyles. When you start incorporating social media into your blog posts, then it will become a good platform for you to express your ideas and opinions on.

Blogging and Instagram

There are plenty of users in the world who have chosen to use Instagram or some other types of social media platforms in order to be publicizing more about the blogs that they run. If you are someone who has already used any platform on social media, then it is quite likely for you to understand how the different features of social media work and how social media can be quite powerful and also potent in order to be promoting your work.

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Fashion blogging is a wonderful option for a career choice if you have the requisite skills for becoming one. You will also have to know how you should be promoting your work. Using certain special tips and unique techniques you will be able to harness the maximum power that Instagram has in order to promote a fashion website.

However, it is vital that you know all of the features of Instagram which will allow you to promote your business and give you plenty of exposure to a large number of followers who are all good enthusiasts for fashion products. You will be able to find out plenty of different suggestions which you can be used when you know you ought to properly use Instagram for that specific purpose.

Use your videos properly

One of the key features of Instagram is the little videos. It will be letting the users upload little videos of the duration of one minute along with the boomerang videos that can get highly creative and are exciting to be watching also. If you are someone who has their own channel on YouTube in which you upload those contents that are specifically related to the fashion website, then you should even consider linking them to your account on Instagram. You could try making a number of little videos of the longer videos that you have on YouTube and then go on to upload them all on your profile on Instagram.

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You must also include certain links that will be directing all your followers to your page on YouTube if they feel like watching the entire video. This will be driving more and more traffic to the YouTube channel also. The smaller videos that you upload on Instagram will act like little trailers which are there to excite all your followers and their curiosity and make them want to click on the YouTube links and then watch the whole video.

This will go on to increase the organic traffic that you have onto your YouTube channel also, and consequently, your business website will also be getting a large number of viewers because your audience will want to get more of your content and for this purpose, they shall have to visit your own business website.

The photos of your products should have proper hashtags

You should be uploading those photos of your products that you will also be using on your fashion blog. However, these should all be first uploaded on your business profile on Instagram as it will be allowing the viewers to be seeing similar photos and this will be making them easily relate the photos with your own fashion blog. You should be sharing at least one photo that is related to your blog on your Instagram account. This will be giving the users a certain idea about the types of products that you review and are recommending.

It is essential that you also use proper hashtags with the pictures you upload, including product descriptions besides the photos. Try to generate unique hashtags that relate to your blog and your specific fashion website.

Promotional and marketing campaigns

If you are a person who has some type of relative experience as a fashion blogger, then it is likely that you will be having some type of endorsements from other fashion brands. Based on your blog’s popularity, you will have new fashion retails trying to get a space in your blog also. You can try promoting these new fashion blogs also through Instagram. This will increase your exposure manifold.

You can visit Gramista to learn more about how you should be using Instagram in order to make your fashion blog get increased traffic.


Instagram is quite a powerful and effective social media platform in order to help you generate more exposure for your fashion blog. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional. He recommends you to visit Gramista in order to be getting more Instagram followers in your business profile.

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