What is Depression? Symptoms and How To Prevent Depression


Depression is a frequent and severe medical condition that has a negative impact on how you feel, how you think and how to act. Fortunately, it is also curable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and loss of interest in previously used activities. It can lead to various emotional and physical problems and may reduce the person’s ability to work at home and work.

Some have relaxing signs of what doctors call heavy depression. These symptoms usually require professional care as they are severe and demoralizing. If someone is hopeless and worthless, he can sleep and eat irregularly.

In times of severe depression, it is difficult to concentrate, make decisions or find the energy to do everything. Thoughts on suicide are common.

Depression is primarily about a state of mind that is purely negative, with a tendency to, inadequate and hopeless lack of interest in doing things.

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Symptoms of depression may vary from mild to severe and may include:

–    You feel sad or have a depressed mood

–    Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much

–    Loss of interest or pleasure from activities you’ve ever used

–    Loss of energy or increased fatigue

–    Changing appetite – weight loss or gain that has nothing to do with dieting

–    Increased unprotected physical activity or delayed movements and speech

–    You do not feel worthless or guilty

–    Thinking of death or suicide

However, if someone has a moderate depression, the problem is more manageable. Experts say that people with little depression feel ill and worthless about their lives, but they can work at a high level.

Here are some ways you can prepare your body to help prevent mild depression:

Put some spring into your step.

Regular exercise is perhaps the most potent natural antidepressant available. It is recommended to go on a live walk. Exercise helps create the release of brain chemicals called endorphins. When endorphin levels are low, depression occurs. Exercise also nourishes the brain and keeps it healthy.

How much do you need to train? Thirty minutes, five or six days a week, with average intensity, is a nice level to try to prevent brain imbalances that make you more depressed.


Feed your brain.

Virtually any deficiency of nutrients can lead to a reduction in mental function, including depression. To prevent depression, health experts recommend people use strong multivitamins or mineral supplements. This will provide the brain with sufficient nutrients to function correctly, thus avoiding specific mental disorders such as depression.

Ensure adequate sleep.

If you get less than eight hours of sleep, night after night, levels of brain chemicals, known as “serotonin”, can be reduced, increasing the susceptibility to depression. To sleep well, health professionals recommend going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, including weekends.

Relax before going to bed, maybe with a hot tub. And for the healthiest night’s sleep, keep the room in silence and dark.

Consider some alternative gestures.

Your emotions, positive or negative, are not created by the situations themselves, but the way you interpret these situations. Ordinary circumstances may be a reason to make a key if you do not take mental action to prevent it.

If you think your friend is insensitive and irresponsible, you will find that you are angry with him. Also, if you think something might be wrong, you will take care of yourself. If you feel that you do not care much about this person and it is too late, then you feel refused, lonely and even depressed.

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Even if the situation does not change and your friend is still lagging, you can have a lot of feelings depending on how you interpret this event.

Depression can be very destructive if it is neglected. However, the suitable way to stop the development of depression is to create a positive outlook in life.

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