Microblading: What Is It and How Is It Beneficial?

benefits of microblading

When you want to make sure you stay pretty, classy, and unique, you’ll likely want to be up-to-date with the latest trends in makeup. Did you know, however, that there actually exists a convenient eyebrow makeup method that can get you the kind of eyebrows you want and last for a long time? If you’ve heard of microblading, you’ve likely heard its unique approach to providing you with long-lasting eyebrows via small inked blades.

However, if this is your first time hearing the concept, this article will be your insider’s guide to just what microblading is.


If you want a few quick facts on just what microblading is, then you might be intrigued to learn that it’s actually a kind of semi-permanent makeup. The process itself involves “making” the eyebrow shape and appearance that you want through the usage of a microblading tool with a lot of tiny needles. It’s very similar to tattooing, wherein the needles break into an outer layer of the skin and inserting pigment into it.

While it does sound scary, a lot of people say it’s barely painful at all. Aftercare treatment such as cream and other things are instructed by the microblading technician in order to make sure your brows stay comfy and you avoid scratching them because of itchiness throughout the recovery process.

Microblading has become an attractive makeup method for a lot of people because it can last for up to three years, ensuring you have the kind of eyebrows you like for an extended period of time.

Microblading: How Is It Beneficial?

benefits of microblading

Given the above, it’s important to understand just how personal appearances do matter not just in impressions, but also self-identity and expression. Having a convenient way to have eyebrows shaped the way you want them for a long time can definitely get you benefits that conventional makeup could only dream of providing. Before you schedule an appointment with microblading studios, though, this short background on microblading ought to help acquaint yourself with the process first and foremost.

  • Save a lot more time to prepare for big days:

A lot of people understand that makeup takes time, and sometimes valuable time can be wasted picking a dress or leaving early to catch the commute. Microblading cuts time you need to fix your brows because they’re already fixed for you. This gives you the opportunity to have more time doing other aspects of your makeup or even picking up the right clothes for you and the event you’re attending.

  •  Establish your aesthetic for a long time:

When you do microblading, you’ve essentially set up your brow aesthetic for the next two to three years. This also means you can now easily dress yourself up for any occasion after finally having an aesthetic to rely on. You can now easily match brows and your clothes because your brows are fixed, meaning you can save more time and energy whenever you pick up clothes.

  • Virtually painless process for long-term comfort:

The idea of microblading can be a bit overwhelming for some, given how it involves the term “blade” in the name and having explained it’s similar to getting a tattoo. It’s important to note that most people who avail microblading barely feel any pain at all, thanks to technicians making sure cream is on your eyebrows to help numb the cutting sensation.

Microblading also only cuts through the outermost layer of your skin, so even if you’d feel something, it will definitely be very light scratches. After the procedure, your eyebrows might feel itchy, so technicians also offer aftercare treatment you can purchase for your benefit.

  • You barely need to visit in an extended period of time:

When you do microblading with a technician, you barely have to visit them again unless your eyebrows have faded and it’s time to do another session. The only other time you’ll have to visit the technician after your procedure is perhaps a few weeks or few months after the initial session for touch-ups. This allows them to check on you and your eyebrows to see if they’ve adjusted to your intended output after the entire healing process.

  • Worth the one-time-for-three-years investment:

If you do your research on your local microblading studios, you might be surprised at the kind of price ranges they offer for both the service and the aftercare. However, do remember that this procedure will save you hours and money’s worth of eyebrow makeup, which can make the investment into microblading very much worth the while. After all, you spend a couple of hours for a semi-permanent makeup that lasts three years.

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The Takeaway: Microblading Is The New Convenient In

With the above in mind, it’s important to remember that microblading should be approached with a special kind of care and attention, especially taking to heart that it’s still considered a semi-permanent solution to your eyebrow woes. This means you’ve got to understand that if you undergo a microblading treatment, you’re likely going to stay with those eyebrows for around three years.

At the same time, it’s important to keep yourself cared for during the aftercare process as scarring in your eyebrow due to scratching might also spell trouble for you. Remember these tips, and remember the conveniences of microblading, and you’re off to a great start in levelling up your makeup.

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