9 Best Ways to Get Rid of Leg Cramps Without Much Stress

leg cramps

Have you ever smashed sudden, painful leg cramps? Most of us have at one point and it is not a fun experience. The only thing we can think of is how we can get relief from convulsions. Usually, the cramps in the legs will disappear as quickly as they did. But what about the cramps in the legs that will not disappear, no matter what you do? There is a relief. View the following treatments for fragile leg cramps to see what people consider useful.

These leg cramps’ treatments have been tested and tested by millions of people for hundreds of years.

  • Stretching

One reason why people get leg cramps is that they have a certain muscle strength. If you are working on a specific task, try changing the position or use different muscle groups. If you are resting or lying down, try to get up and stretch regularly. The key is that you do not want your foot muscles to be reworked. At the same time, you do not want your leg muscles to stop, for example when you sit on a chair all day.

  • Water

Most spasms in the legs are caused by dehydration. It is easy to repair, but it is something that many people neglect. Drink plenty of water all day, especially if you keep on convulsing. Many people do not like drinking water, so take a drink like Gatorade if you do not like the taste of water.

  • Hot or cold

For those cramps in the legs that do not seem to leave, sometimes a hot or cold press is needed. Take a cold towel or an ice pack and apply it to the cramp. Sometimes the heat package works better. You will have to experiment to find out what suits you best. You can buy relatively small heaters or even a small heating pad at Amazon.com if you buy something. Ice shipping is usually used by most people, but the purchase of a small heating block can be a valuable investment.

  • Massage

Massage is the most common technique that most people try. The good news is that it works! You simply remember that it is slow and that you do not exert too much pressure. You want your leg cramps to work slowly. Gently massage the area around the cramps and work directly above the places where it hurts. Do not try to rush. Continue slowly until the muscle begins to relax and you feel relieved.

  • Vitamins

Your muscles need a lot of different vitamins. The lack of vitamins such as B12 has been associated with cramps in the night. You can take a multivitamin to give your muscles the vitamins and minerals that your muscles need. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you start treatment. Allergies and other important information are important for your doctor to know.

  • Keep your feet warm during the winter

By keeping your feet warm in the winter, you can also prevent cramps in the legs. No one knows for sure why he caused the flu of leg cramps, but many thought that colds could contract the leg muscles. Foot and foot heaters can be found in places such as the Amazon or the local store.

  • Calcium

A calcium deficiency can also cause cramps in the legs. Calcium is an electrolyte that ensures that the muscles of the leg can not relax at a low level. Eating foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt with a high calcium content can help. If dairy products do not work for you, eat things like broccoli, sardines or kale, which all contain a lot of calcium.

  • Night bath / enjoy before bedtime

If you decide to try a night bath, make sure you use the Epsom salt. Epsom-sol contains magnesium that is absorbed into the skin and helps with cramps. You can also try mixing apple vinegar with a high potassium content. These two minerals are electrolytes that send an electrical signal to your brain for muscle contraction and relaxation.

  • Moving away

If you get cramps at night, it is sometimes good to get up and move. Kreh is caused by the muscle not being relaxed. So by moving, you can restore this process in the brain by reducing muscles and then relaxing them again.



Most spasms in your legs cause something to prevent muscle relaxation, so you may need to experiment to find out what works for you. Make sure you stay hydrated and try to stretch regularly throughout the day. If none of these methods works, you may need to consult a doctor. Sometimes your doctor prescribes the vitamin that your body is missing. If you experience serious problems, continue

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