13 Ways To Improve Your Family’s Happiness And Health

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Someone said that family is where life begins and love never ends. But in the modern life nowadays, family relationship is not as strong as that in the past. Each member cares more about her/his study, work or relationship and spends less time with other members of the family.


In this writing today, we will show you 13 ways to help you boost your family’s happiness and health to enjoy life.


1. Swap Stories

To know more about your parents or siblings, you need to discover his or her stories. When the children come back home from school, parents need to stop everything they are doing and ask her about her day. The topic is not only about the marks but also other aspects such as their friends, teachers, the meal at school, etc.

Notably, the children in the puberty are susceptible and difficult to start a conversation; therefore, parents need to be patient when talking to them. If the adults have small kids, before going to bed, it’s essential to confide with them how their day was and tell them some fairy tales to lull them to sleep. Gradually, all the members in the family will voluntarily confide her/his stories to one another.

2. Do Not Work Too Much

Some adults have a wrong idea that the key to happiness is working too much to make a lot of money for their children. In fact, their children only need love from them, not money. If parents spend too much time on their work, their children have the high chance of facing up with failure and parents themselves can the culprit to destroy their success.

Therefore, we should not be too avid with your job, come back home in time and cook meal with other members of the family. After eating, instead of continuing with the work, relax and create a comfortable atmosphere with other members of your family. That’s the fastest way to reduce stress at work and help the adults to have the better mood to do other tasks.

3. Eat Together

The busy life makes eating together become a challenging task for a family member, but when people sit on the table and enjoy the food with other members, they will feel how good these meals are. Your family has to set a plan to eat together at least once a day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If all the members are free, you should divide the task for his/her to prepare the meal.

During the meal, besides eating, parents can teach and encourage the children and the children can tell their parents how they felt in a day. In case you have babies, put them on their table near your seat to make them be a part of the meal and don’t forget to interact with them too. Avoid scolding the children during the meals as they will not feel free and excitement to enjoy the meal.

4. Create Healthy Habits For The Children

Children tend to imitate what the adults do; hence, it’s vital to create the healthy habits for members of your family. Parents should have the moral actions so that their children can follow. We need to instruct the children as strictly as possible because when they grow, they will be more stubborn. If you find out any irrespective actions from the children, you need to talk and warn them not to repeat it anymore. We need to pay attention to the smallest actions such as greeting when meeting the acquaintances, saying thank you and sorry, asking others’ health condition if they have any symptoms of catching diseases, etc.


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In some habits, parents have to be the partners with their children to take action effectively. For example, when eating, parents should put the smartphone down and children should turn off their TV to enjoy the meal or if you see any litter in the road, instead of ignoring or forcing your children to throw it away, you put it on the waste bin. Gradually, they can build more and more healthy habits and responsibility for their actions.

5. Reward Good Behaviors

As we’ve mentioned above, if your children have good behaviour, you can reinforce that by rewarding them. There are many ways for you to encourage them from the simplest to the more significant ones. The easiest reward you can try is showing them that how approval you are for that behaviour by giving them a high five, clap, a hug, kiss or big smile. You can cook a special meal, buying them the stationery items or their favourite toys. Additionally, remember to encourage them to continue showing this behaviour and tell them how valuable these behaviours are for other people.

6. Have Family Holiday

Holiday is one of the most effective ways to strengthen family relations. Going on holiday is like turning into another world in which there are no work, no Internet, and no stress. It enables people to spend time caring for others and create the unforgettable memories. Besides, we can try many activities to indulge themselves after the stressful days at work or school.

It’s also time for both the old and the young to discover the place they pay a visit to and help they know that the world is much bigger than they think. Don’t forget to bring the camera to capture the best moments of your holiday.

7. Be Equality

More than anyone else, parents should have the awareness about the equality between all members of the family. The equality happens from the smallest topic such as dividing the household task or the rewards. Parents must not depend on their power to insult the children or have any domestic violence on them regularly.

Moreover, they should show the respect and present the same love among all the children instead of any disparities. Hence, children will feel the esteem of their parents so that they will show back to one another, which build the positive atmosphere in the family. 


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8. Speak Moderately

Almost the adults always lose their temper when their children are disobedient. In contrast, the teenagers sometimes are too conservative and contradict their parents. That way can build the taut atmosphere, which is the root of the altercation. To create the happiness in the family, all the members should be patient and listen to what other say to understand their feeling.

Instead of yelling at the children, parents should talk to them and give the punishment if necessary. For children, they can confide what they think directly in their parents. Maybe their parents can give you much useful advice than they think.

9. Encourage One Another

After a long day at work or school, each person feels tired and stressful because of much stuff happening. If he comes back home with the complaint and negative attitude from others, will he be happy? “Home is where you feel loved and appreciated”; therefore, always showing your upbeat attitude toward others. The simplest way is using your smile and making the eye contact with them.

Moreover, you can hug, kiss or make some positive comments to perk them up. If your family members have any troubles, encourage to let them know that you always trust them. 

10. Get Moving

Recently, people often spend long hours lying on the sofa, watching TV, using smartphones and eating the snack. That unhealthy lifestyle has many negative impacts on our health such as the brain, eyes or blood circulation. Instead of that, let’s get moving and talk more to other members in your living room. You can try some indoor activities like storytelling, bingo, solitaire, etc., or do exercise together to boost the family health.

In the evening, let’s go for a walk in the park, ride a bike around your neighbour or play sports with your family members. By these activities, I’m sure you will feel much more positive, and your family relationship can be stronger and stronger.

11. Plan For Your Meal

Have you ever felt confused when thinking about what our family will eat at the next meal? This problem happens not only to you but also other people nowadays. With the wide range of food and vegetables in the market, will you choose the reasonable ones which can meet the needs of all members and create a healthy meal?

To solve the problem, menu planning is a smart choice for your family. It can not only save time but also help you eat healthier. To create a proper menu planning, first, you need to clean the fridge or pantry to see what remain in your house to take advantage of them to cook some dishes. Then ask your family members what food they like and dislike to organize the food. Remember to alter the food in your menu often to bring the appetite to others while eating.

12. Check-up Family’s Health

Today, people have to deal with many stresses, leading to the abuse of unhealthy food such as coffee, smokes, etc. That’s one of the reasons why we often ignore our health. According to the experts, your family should have a complete health checkup once a year. When checking your health, you will find out what parts of your body have trouble and reduce the chances of catching dangerous diseases.

Besides, the doctor will give you the best advice about the diet, habits to help you maintain good health. Moreover, you can also know your family members’ health condition to spend time helping them deal with that.

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13. Put The Family First

The newlyweds often spend long hours hanging out with their friends or going to the bars as a way to unwind. But when you have a baby, things change. No matter how old your children are, parents should prioritize and spend more time with them. In contrast, teenagers should confide more with their parents instead of always chatting and surfing the Internet. Your friends or the colleagues can help you feel more relaxed after work/school, but will be they still with you when you’re in troubles?

However, we can’t deny the role of friends or colleagues in our daily life; maybe they can be one of the elements to boost your family’s happiness.



To sum up, we’ve shown you 13 ways to boost your family’s happiness and health. Hopefully, they can partially help you and your family at this time. A family is the unique gift nature dispenses to us; therefore, let’s keep it happy and healthy now and forever.


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