5 Healthy and Perfect Exercises to Spice up Your Workouts

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    Do you ever find yourself growing bored of the same boring, monotonous, time-consuming workouts day in and day out?

    If the answer is yes then as the saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest’. Rather than forcing yourself out of bed and into the gym to go through the same tedious workouts, why not look for some new and exciting exercises to perform instead?

    The great thing about switching up your workouts is the fact that by doing so, not only do you help keep things fresh and exciting, but you also shock your system and can potentially shock the muscles into responding a lot more favourably to the stimuli you’re placing it under.

    Basically, by doing new exercises you’ll build more muscle, and who doesn’t want that? But which exercises should you do? Well, that’s entirely down to you.

    Here are 5 exercises to spice up your next workouts.

    Barbell curls

    Are you struggling to build big biceps? If so, it could be because you’re doing the same exercises week in and week out. When people train biceps, more often than not it is dumbbell curl variants that tend to get the most emphasis placed upon them with arm training. If not dumbbell curls, it’s normally EZ bar curls.

    Barbell bicep curls don’t normally get a look in when people train arms which is a real shame. Barbell bicep curls are great for hitting the two heads of the biceps, and as an added bonus they also work very effectively at adding muscle mass to the forearms as well. If you want a change from dumbbell curl after dumbbell curl, barbell curls are ideal.


    Barbell squats

    Barbell squats are both fun and incredibly difficult at the same time. Squats, as you probably know, are very much in demand at the moment, due to the fact that they’re so effective when it comes to building the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and lower body muscles in general.

    Barbell squats are not easy, and if they feel easy you aren’t training hard enough. These exercises will hit multiple lower body muscles while simultaneously burning off some serious calories in the process. After performing barbell squats, providing you got enough depth on your reps, your legs and glutes should be on fire for at least 2 days, if not longer.


    Seated dumbbell shoulder press

    If your shoulders are struggling to grow and catch up with the rest of your body, seated dumbbell shoulder presses are the perfect exercises for you to perform. They target the front, middle, and rear deltoids and are ideal for packing muscle mass onto them to help you build a set of round boulder shoulders to be proud of. Performing this exercise is also very simple. Simply take a seat in an adjustable bench set at an upright position.

    Next, take a dumbbell in each hand, begin with the weights level at your ears, with palms facing outwards, and lift the weights into the air, bring them towards each other, making sure not to quite fully lock out your elbows and bang the dumbbells together. Slowly lower the weight back down so that it’s back at the initial starting position and repeat for as many reps as needed.



    Sometimes the old exercises are the best, and if it’s simplicity you’re after, push-ups are ideal. Push-ups are a compound bodyweight exercise that has been performed for centuries. Not only do they build muscle mass on the chest, they also help to build functional strength and fitness as well. One of the best things about push-ups is that, as they are compound exercises, they target multiple muscle groups at once, making them ideal for anybody looking to work their upper bodies while building functional strength in the process.

    Push-ups not only work the chest, they also work the triceps, delts, and core. To perform a basic push up, get down into a plank position with palms planted firmly onto the floor, slightly wider than shoulder-width. Extend your elbows and slowly lower yourself downwards by bending the elbows, until your chest grazes the floor. Hold for a second and return to the initial starting position. Repeat for the required amount of reps. By the time you finish, you should feel a deep stretch in the chest.


    Sumo squats

    If barbell back squats are too taxing, or if you simply want a different squat variant, sumo squats are great. To perform a sumo squat, stand with your feet around 6 inches wider than hip-width, and rotate your toes so that they are facing a 45-degree angle.

    Now, placing both hands down by your sides, slowly lower your body downwards by bending your knees, making sure not to move your knees down past your toes. Once both thighs are parallel to the ground, hold for a second and slowly raise your body back up to the original starting position.

    If you like the look of these exercises and want to find something similar, check out this useful infographic and see how many exercises you want to try.

    best workouts exercise


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