How To Give An Incredible Sensual Massage That Would Last Forever

    sensual massage

    The art of massaging and a particularly sensual massage took the back seats in terms of intimacy. Many people, mostly women, are sometimes uncomfortable and give their husbands a massage because we think we have no good at it.

    Even if you never fail to give a sensual massage in your life if you follow these tips, you are assured that it will leave a memorable experience.

    No doubt, a few women have ever received such a determined, healthy, sensual attention that is completely beneficial and respectful to nature. Depending on the woman and her previous experience, she can heal incredibly. You can as well learn the benefits of amazing massage therapy.

    It is actually quite normal that they become emotionally disconnected and cry during the process. That’s fine. Stay calm, pause, love and massage.

    Set the mood

    Setting your mood is one of the most important steps of sensual massage. Massage must be sensual! You have to feel as comfortable as possible.

    First, immerse the lights and let some candles light up. It offers a pleasant romantic atmosphere. Then make a massage room. Find a good, solid surface to lie down (bed, beach towel, on the floor or even on the table). If your hair is a simple hand or head massage chair good.


    Music is an essential part of setting the right mood. Please, no AC / DC, Metallica or Marilyn Manson. Ambient sounds or something like “Liquid Mind” will do well.

    Make sure you know what your goal is; either to relax and be ready for sex or to sleep. As a romantic massage head meal, choose something sexy, such as mental music, or as its relaxation soft and slow blues, or even natural sounds like running water or the sounds of the rainforest.

    Prepare a little oil

    Use natural and clean oil because you will probably use it on the outside and inside of it. Coconut oil is my personal favourite. Put a few tablespoons in a bowl on the bedside table. Bonus points if you add a few drops of essential oil to make your own infusion.

    Discover that the oil feels warm before applying it to the skin so that it does not come into contact with it. If the oil is at room temperature or a lower temperature, shake hands thoroughly 5-10 seconds before putting them on the skin. You want everything to be pleasant and reassuring. The last thing you want is to be afraid of your touch and it rains or colds.

    Use a light and smooth touch

    The key word here is “sensual”. Sensuality is about provoking, stimulating and training the senses. You are not aiming to wear deep tissue to resolve chronic knee pain or treat its scoliosis. Your job is to bring every ounce of your attention to her body and where your hands’ touch.


    If the pressure is good, check once. Some components will be more / less sensitive than others, so they may want the touch to change accordingly. Ask her if there are areas that call her and require more attention.

    This not only promotes exponentially its satisfaction but also helps you to learn what works and are generally more confident that its pleasure.


    Keep in mind that the arch sensual massage is a huge banter of the first péřovodu on back to complete manual stimulation of the parts. Do not stop. You want to build tensions and expectations. As you progress, glitter on his chest and around his thigh, but do not stop and take the time to manifest her erogenous zones.

    Start with your head, neck, hands, hands, feet, butt and legs. Then change it and continue with your stomach, breasts, inside of the thighs and finally your genitals.


    Offering sensual massage is an important success tool. Even if you are not really good at a massage, the atmosphere is very important. It creates an environment of relaxation and comfort that will help your husband feel calm to concentrate on his intimate senses.

    The best way to start a sensual massage is to shake hands to warm them up. You can as well learn more at Xmassage – Erotic Massage Directory London & UK. Nobody likes cold hands for a sensual massage. Heat the oil in your hands before you put it on your husband, or take a tip from the spa and immerse the bottle in a hot water bowl.

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