Effective Ways of Using Instagram for E-commerce Business Success

    Effective Ways of Using Instagram for E-commerce Business Success

    Instagram is the most popular social media platform that boosts e-commerce businesses like no other online platform. Many e-commerce businesses are flocking the platform with the hopes of getting some attention from this platform. The fact is that the platform has over 800 million monthly active users. A report further suggests that more than 93 percent of all premium brands are on Instagram to create a robust online presence.

    In this context, you must know that Instagram is not restricted to just the top brands. Relatively smaller and totally unknown brands could capitalize on this robust social media platform. With the phenomenal rise to popularity, Instagram today enjoys the status of a leading social media platform that provides outstanding reach and brand awareness. It also provides opportunities for the e-commerce brands to reach a much wider target audience, boost brand awareness, and intensify engagement for making perfect sales and conversions.

    Integrate Instagram Images into Your E-commerce Business Website

    Way back in 2014, a reputed online jewellery retailer had conducted a novel Instagram campaign utilizing a widget on the home page for displaying pictures. Those pictures were clicked by customers flaunting the brand’s merchandise. A pop-up window would appear, as soon as, users clicked on an image, and this would showcase the brand’s jewellery within the image with a link connecting to the precise product page. This way you could sell your products by integrating Instagram pictures seamlessly into your e-commerce website. This is also good way of boosting real followers.

    Click Lifestyle Photographs

    An innovative way of showcasing products is simply using attractive lifestyle images that are pictures relating to real-life settings. However, using lifestyle photos is supposed to be an effective technique. This is because it is employed by various leading brands. It, therefore, gives customers a clear idea of the way they could use the brand’s products.

    Organize a Contest

    Contests are supposed to be an effective and popular way of engaging with users on any social networking site including Instagram. You must also remember to incorporate a contest-specific hashtag along with each campaign.

    Showcase Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

    You may not use all pictures that are solely concentrating on your products. You may allow customers to take a look behind the scenes. This is a brilliant way of building and cementing a personal bond between customers and the company. Customers could also see the photos and get an idea of the brand’s culture.

    Celebrate the Festive Moments

    Along with promoting the products, e-commerce businesses must use the most popular social media platform called Instagram to celebrate the festive moments and the seasons thus, creating a lot of goodwill and generating happiness. You could also celebrate festivals and holiday seasons with some special graphics. You could connect automatically to your target audience if you post some special photos on Thanksgiving and even on New Year’s Day.


    Social media platforms, particularly, visually-oriented ones such as Instagram are most suitable for promoting products, as well as, services to a wide audience base. Thanks to a clearly defined Instagram marketing strategy. E-commerce businesses could hope to get a huge boost in all their transactions. If you are still not on Instagram, it is high time you made your debut on Instagram for boosting your business’s credibility, profitability, and goodwill.


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