Sparkling Gemstones for Men’s Wedding Bands to Stand out from the Rest

    Sparkling Gemstones for Men’s Wedding Bands to Stand out from the Rest

    Modern guys are always looking for something new. If you are someone who would love to break traditions and customs just to do away with the monotonous classic diamond or gold wedding bands, then there is a choice of coloured gemstones that could really jazz up your wedding band and make your day.

    You must choose a wedding band based on several factors including the gem’s hardness, durability, clarity, optical performance and of course, aesthetic appeal.

    Personalize Your Wedding Bands with Colored Gemstones

    Men’s wedding bands would be varying in terms of metal type, bandwidth, and gemstone use. As per tradition, the bridegroom would be wearing a diamond wedding band on the most important day of his life to show his deep love and lifelong commitment to his life partner.

    In this modern Internet era, you have access to several designs, gemstones, and you could customize and flaunt your unique style, as far as, wedding bands are concerned. Many men prefer to stick to the tradition while the bold and adventurous at heart would always love to experiment and customize. There is an amazing array of coloured gemstones.

    By wearing a wedding band with a coloured gemstone of your choice, you would be expressing who you are, what your lifestyle is and what your personality is. Your wedding band speaks volumes about your way of life. Here are a few sparkling gemstones that would make amazing wedding bands. They are known for exotic gem properties, brilliant colours, and striking performance. Choose any one or a combination of multiple gemstones to create your own customized wedding band that would help you steal the show on the wedding day.

    Coloured Diamonds

    You could twist the tradition by using stunning coloured diamonds in your wedding band. Diamonds have truly enviable characteristics. No wonder they are the undisputed top-selling gemstone that is ideal for wedding bands and engagement rings. Diamonds boast of a hardness of 10 hence, they are scratch-resistant. They have an exceptional dispersion and brilliance and the stunning ability to transform white light into splashes of colour.

    Diamonds with high colour intensity are actually the prized ones. You have an access to a broad spectrum of coloured diamonds that include sparkling pink, bold canary yellow, stunning black, pastel green and amazing champagne. Pink diamonds are supposed to be in the bracket of some of the most expensive diamonds.


    A ruby is just right for making a style statement when set in your wedding band or engagement ring. Rubies are the variety of corundum that is red. It is as hard and durable as a sapphire, though ruby would be getting more enhancements and treatments. Ruby that boasts of being pigeon blood red is actually a kind of purplish red that has vivid saturation and medium to dark tone.

    Ruby’s rarity, durability, and constant associations with the heart and the feeling of deep love make it the choicest gemstone for a wedding band or an engagement ring. A natural ruby is undoubtedly a timeless option for a wedding band as it is a precious stone that would remain as stunning and beautiful even after many years of constant use.


    Sapphire is an extremely popular choice for engagement rings and men’s wedding bands because sapphire has an amazing scratch resistance. A sapphire is a striking blue precious stone; however, you can get a sapphire in other colours such as pink, peach, white, green, and even yellow.


    We have discussed only some of the hot favourite choices for men’s wedding bands today among the contemporary young men. However, you may opt to customize your wedding band with many other precious gemstones such as Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine, Opal etc. Choose a gemstone that best expresses your personality and state of mind.


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    Andrew Thompson is a jewellery designer who owns a jewellery boutique in New Jersey. Also, he enjoys blogging in his spare time. He is extremely creative and comes up with brilliant designs. He recommends innovative wedding bands that are a combination of class and style.

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