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Some Major Causes Leading to ALS Nerve Damage

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ALS Nerve Damage major causes will be discussed in this article. Does ALS Nerve Damage have solutions?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a group of rare neurological diseases that mainly involve the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscle movement. Voluntary muscles produce movements like chewing, walking, and talking. The disease is progressive, meaning the symptoms get worse over time.

Though there is no cure for ALS and no effective treatment to halt or reverse, the progression of the disease.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a type of MND. It generally attacks the nerve cells playing an important role in the voluntary muscle movements referred to as the motor neurons. These are the movements under one’s control like those of the face, legs and arms. Motor neurons are generally found in the spinal cord and brain.

With the progression of ALS, the cells tend to degenerate and eventually die. This means that they stop communicating with the muscles and the brain is no more able to control the voluntary movements.

Also, the muscles will get weak and this slowly leads to paralysis. The worse is, with time, the respiratory system to stops functioning without the artificial support and if not taken into consideration, the chance of death for the patient increases.

About 50% of people suffering from ALS has a life-span of up to 3 to 4 years upon the same being detected at an advanced stage. Fortunate are those who get to live a little more with a proper treatment. About 20% live up to 5 years if the disease is detected a little early. Those suffering from this disorder, but diagnosed at an early stage have chances of living up to 20 years. Do you know Steven Hawking- the famous physicist? He was a patient of ALS and was diagnosed at the age of 21 years. With his issue diagnosed at an early stage, he lived until the age of 70.

Causes Resulting in ALS

The causes exactly leading to ALS are unclear, but it can be familial or sporadic. Talking of sporadic ALS, it occurs on a random basis and accounts for about 90-95% of the cases reported. There is no such clear risk caused indicated, but it is suggested that the same can also be inherited. If parents are diagnosed with ALS nerve damage, there is a high chance for the next generation to encounter it. However, this possibility is only up to 50%. Research is being carried out to estimate whether ALS is gene-based or not.

Some other factors leading to ALS are a disorganized immune system whereby the immune system attacks the body cells and kills the good cells instead of the bad ones. This is followed by an improper chemical balance, especially glutamate, which is highly toxic to the nerve cells. Mishandling of the proteins present in the body can also lead to the death of the nerve cells.

Interestingly, environmental factors too can result in ALS. The major cause is the growing rate of pollution which includes carbon monoxide, suspension of lead in the air and other harmful elements. Not to be missed is electrical or mechanical trauma, too much exercise and intake of food products with a high quantity of agricultural chemicals. However, no evidence has been received yet, that holds lifestyle changes responsible for the disease.

Concluding the article, it is recommended to visit the doctor whenever you end up with any of the symptoms to lead a healthy and ALS-free life.


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