7 Signs It’s Time to Seek Treatment for Drug Addiction

    7 Signs It's Time to Seek Treatment for Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction is defined by the existence of both psychological dependence and physical dependence on at least one illicit substance, according to PubMed Health.

    While not everyone who uses drugs develops a problem, becoming addicted to drugs happens more often than not. For most, there comes a point at which drug use is out of your control and it’s at that point at which you will need to consider professional assistance.

    Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma associated with the treatment of substance use disorder in this country. However, it shouldn’t be this way. Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such, just as diabetes and cancer and treated.

    But how do you know if you have a problem? How can you tell if it’s time to seek help for your drug addiction? There are several different signs you’ll need to be on the lookout for. If you recognize any of these warning signs, it may be time for you to seek treatment at a rehabilitation facility for addiction.


    1. Drugs Consume Your Thoughts

    Have you gotten to a point where the things that used to interest you no longer do? Have you neglected school, relationships, and/or your career? In addition, have drugs become your obsession? These are all good indications that drugs are not consuming your every thought.

    When you reach the point at which your every thought is about drug use, this is a clear sign that you have an addiction problem. This means most of your thoughts focus on the drugs you use, whether you’re anticipating your next high or thinking about ways to pay for more drugs. Often, this means other aspects of your life no longer matter to you or may be less important than getting drugs.


    1. You’re Less Healthy

    Have you been neglecting your health? Can you remember the last time you went for a walk outside or ate a nutritious meal? Are you constantly getting sick? These are all indications that your health has taken a detrimental turn due to substances.

    Long-term drug use has an adverse effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of the user. If you’re often sick or begin experiencing major illnesses, this is an indication that your drug use has gotten out of control. Similarly, mental conditions, such as depression and anxiety, can affect you on a day to day basis.


    1. You Need More Drugs

    Do you require more of a substance to achieve the same effect you used to get from just a small amount? If you need to take larger quantities of the drug just to get that same level of euphoria, this is an indication that you have developed an addiction. As the brain builds up a tolerance, it will require larger and larger amounts of the drug just to get that “high” feeling.


    1. You Develop a Mental Illness

    While in many cases, people with substance use disorder already have a dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder as well as their addiction issues, drug use can also create mental illness in many cases. Those who are abusing methamphetamine may develop paranoia or psychosis, even hallucination.

    Depending on the substance in use, drugs can cause a whole host of mental illnesses and the effects it has on the brain will vary, depending on the drug you’re using. Drugs can cause psychosis, delirium, and many other psychological disorders. In fact, there are now special treatment centres that are equipped to simultaneously treat drug addiction and mental illness.


    1. You Lose Touch with Loved Ones 

    Are your relationships as important to you as they once were? Do you find yourself treating others in appalling ways? Are you saying and doing the thing to the people you love that you would never have imagined previously?

    As your drug addiction takes hold, you may begin to become distanced from family members and friends. Partly, this is because you’re more concerned with getting your next high, so relationships suffer as a result. Additionally, you may feel guilty in their presence because you feel the need to hide your drug use from them.


    1. You Have Tried to Quit and Have Failed 

    Have you honestly tried to stop using substances before? Do you constantly find yourself saying you will stop using tomorrow or the next day?

    Another sign that your drug use has become a problem is that you want to quit, but you can’t. If this sounds familiar, you will need help to kick your habit and a treatment centre is your best chance for success. While you may be reluctant to seek help, sometimes experienced caregivers are the only ones who can help you get clean.


    1. You’ve Tried Everything Else

    Maybe you have tried church. Also, maybe you’ve tried therapy. Maybe you’ve even tried 12-step groups. All of these things can be excellent tools in recovery, but they are often not enough. You may find that you need to undergo inpatient treatment before you can really begin your recovery journey. During inpatient treatment, you’ll be able to put your life on hold to really focus on the time you need to heal and get better.

    In many cases, patients will transition from detox to inpatient treatment programs to partial hospitalization programs to outpatient treatment programs. This way, once they have completed their rehabilitation, it may be more effective for them to join a recovery group such as Narcoticsmakingbrandshappen.com Anonymous, SMART Recovery, or Celebrate Recovery.

    If you use drugs and recognize any of these signs of addiction, it may be time for you to seek treatment. By getting help, you’ll soon be on the road to recovery. While it won’t be easy, it will be worth it and you’ll soon have a more positive outlook on life.



    Drug Abuse and Addiction

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