Know Your Drink – What Makes it a Whisky, Bourbon, Rye or Scotch?

    Know Your Drink - What Makes it a Whisky, Bourbon, Rye or Scotch?

    The global whisky market in 2015 was $5.41 billion, which was potentially huge given the recent years’ slowdown. The market is expected to touch $7.40 billion in the course of next 4 years.

    Love for whiskey is similar all over the world. Europe and America feature among the top three whiskey producers, with 34% and 23% market share respectively.

    In addition, not in terms of production alone. Europe is also the biggest consumer of whiskey in the world. Countries like Germany, Spain and Italy churn the major part of the production.

    Interestingly, whiskey has 2 spellings. In Ireland and America, people write it as ‘Whiskey’. Whereas it is spelt as ‘Whisky’ in all other parts of the world.

    Also, people tend to have mixed opinion behind this. Some attribute it to user and region preferences, others associate it with whiskey’s style and origin. With all that said, one thing is certain, it hasn’t been able to deter people to continue their love affair with whiskey.

    Let me share a few more facts before sharing an amazingly beautiful infographic on what makes your tipple a Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch or Rye?

    1. A bottle of Glenavon Special Liqueur Whiskey, which is over 150 years old, is renowned for holding the Guinness World Record for the oldest whiskey in the world.
    2. Wonder what is the meaning of the word ‘Whiskey’? ‘Water of life’ – It is a translation of a Gaelic word ‘Uisge Beatha’.
    3. The Scottish form of whiskey, called ’Scotch’, generates 135 pounds of revenue every second.
    4. A Scottish whiskey essentially needs to be aged for over 3 years so that it can be labelled as ‘Scotch’. Some distilleries in Scotland have preserved Scotch for over 70 years now.
    5. Though drinking whiskey can potentially cause a number of health issues but some studies suggest that it does exactly the opposite when taken in limited quantities. Chances of dementia, heart disease, and stroke go down considerably if resorted to whiskey responsibly.

    Check the infographics about Whisky, Burbon, Scotch or Rye.

    Know Your Drink - What Makes it a Whisky, Bourbon, Rye or Scotch?



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