Amazing Ways on How To Pack For a Trip To New York City

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    Summer’s just around the corner, and where would you like to spend it? I tell you: trip or traveling to the US is what many people are into these days. Beautiful city. There is no limit to the thrills you will definitely find there in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and even Staten Island. Seriously, New York City rocks. Click here to book Flights from Lagos to New York.

    If you would love to travel to New York City, when is the best time to start preparing? NOW!

    Part of preparation is knowing what to pack along with you for the trip and also how to pack. But first, click here to book cheap Flights from Lagos to New York. This is why this article is best for you.

    Many people have a big problem getting past security and paying a huge price for cabin luggage. Many people still find it hard to travel light. Here are professional tips to pack light.


    You don’t want a burden while exploring a big city like New York. Carrying a heavy luggage or more than one can be tiring for you as a traveler even when you’re only out for months!

    Traveling or a trip with a lot of baggage puts you in a big risk of being mugged.

    You have less trouble and you shall have peace of mind from the airport till you land.

    Now, here a PRO tips to packing light:

    #1. Take fewer Shoes and More Flip-flops

    Flip-flops take up very much less space than shoes. Plus, they can be handy for any occasion. From dinner to strolling on the street. Only pick a shoe when you feel it is a necessity. And the best shoes I’d advise a pro traveler to carry are sneakers. They are extra comfy and confident. But if you are staying up till winter, it will be unwise not to bring boots along.

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    #2. Think Less of Suitcases But More of Carry-on Bags

    A traveler’s backpack is never too much for light packing for Flights from Lagos to New York because they are easy to carry around and also fit comfortably in overhead compartments. Now if you are not flying first class and you are not packing light, your heavy luggage will be collected from you, checked into baggage, and delivered to you rough and wrinkled. So, it is best to travel with a carry-on bag.

    #3. Pack Necessities and Pack in Layers

    There are many things you would definitely need on your way to New York and many more you will need when you get there. Clothes, shoes, chargers, deodorant, headphones, etc. one tip is

    Wear a bulky clothing. If you wear a combination, that clears out space for more.

    Roll your clothes after folding.

    Put your stuff in layers. Clothes in one layer, shoes in the next, etc. and bring soap for your laundry.

    Pick clothes for only a seven-day period.

    We wish you a happy summer ahead. Click here to book Flights from Lagos to New York.

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