Pregnancy & Exercise | What Obstetrics & Gynaecology Doctors Suggests?

    exercise by gynaecology doctors for pregnancy

    Exercise is to the body, what reading is to the mind. Working out during pregnancy once was a taboo in the humankind. However, today’s women are adopting the healthiest way to nurture their lives.

    In fact, the best obstetrics and gynecology doctors suggest exercising to deal with various problems like weight gain, contraction, sleepless nights, stress, and many other problems during pregnancy. You can also call it- the way to connect your soul and body with each other. 

    From the first month to the day of delivery, the changes in your health can be easily observed. Regular 20-30 minutes workout can benefit you in many ways.

    To discover the benefits of exercising to your body and soul, go through the following points:        

    1. Reduced Pregnancy Discomfort & Odds of Delivery

     Exercising during pregnancy does wonders! The cardio, yoga, stretching, aerobic, and walking are the exercises that stimulate the energy level. It improves the circulation, and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Strengthened muscles facilitate your body to cope with aches and pains during pregnancy. Many Obstetrics and gynaecology doctors motivate pregnant women to pursue the exercises with a motive to reduce swelling. It provides cardiovascular benefits, and feel weightless. In addition, this boosts the growth of the baby.

    The prenatal exercising lowers the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Even if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. Exercise can be helpful to deal with the condition. In fact, may reduce the complications. Contingent on your condition and the how far along you are in the pregnancy, your health expert might suggest you limit or avoid physical activities.

    Surprisingly, in women who develop gestational diabetes, moderately exercising for three times a day can reduce the 58% chances of macrosomic (very large) newborn. This might have given you an idea about how much benefit the exercising is to your body and the child altogether.

    For this reason, to reduce the pregnancy discomforts and complications, a good diet and regular work out will strengthen you not from the outside but from the inside as well.

    1. Fight Fatigue

    Feeling tired during pregnancy is normal. Low-level tiredness plagues many women during the first and third trimester. It’s no absurdity that getting too much rest during this period might make you more prone to fatigue. Despite the fact that one should never push their selves to collapse, little prods- let’s say a walk or prenatal yoga can make a big difference in your energy level. Thus, set your body and mind unwavering and free by doing the exercise regularly for the better future.

    1. Improved Mental Level

    Being pregnant can be a little stressful as you might find everything to be changing in your life. It might leave you susceptible to mood swings. Serotonin, a brain-chemical is linked to the brain is boosted by regular exercising that helps you to be in the better spirit. In fact, Obgyn care specialists suggest that a pleasant and relaxing conversation with your friends or closed ones would also be the aid to stress and anxiety.

    As your mind will be free, the chances of finding the time harder falling asleep are less for those who are consistent with the exercise routine. Even if you have just started the workout, the results would be perceptible from the first week.

    Putting your body into effect, it heightens the mood as well. Depression during pregnancy is more likely to happen than ever. The changes in your body, lifestyle, and the relation with your partner might become the reason for the psychological hassle. You can be in charge of this temper rollercoaster by moving your body for the well-being of your child and your own as well.

    1. Get Back into the Perfect Shape After Childbirth

    The maintained strength and tones muscles during pregnancy will eventually formulate your body having the easier time bouncing back to the previous form after giving birth to your angel. Plus, you are less likely to put on the extra pounds after the delivery, possible only if you have exercised in the right way through the pregnancy. The bottom line is the more you increase the body fitness the faster you will recover to the original body shape after childbirth.

    1. Relief from Constipation

    The more actively you spend your days, the fewer problems you face during pregnancy. The three times walk, yoga and other exercises help to digest the food and upshots a strong bowel. The complete digestion of food softens the stool and helps it passing easily and regularly. So, exercise and forget about the constipation problem.

    1. Makes you Ready for the Labour

    The stronger you are from the inside, the better you will be prepared for the labour and delivery day. Giving birth is counted as one of the most painful things in the humankind. During labour, the contraction of the uterus and the pressure on the cervix becomes the major reason for an unbearable pain that one can’t even imagine.

    The pain and delivery time may be diminished if you have done the exercises, frequently. So, why not start exercising now and make the labour bearable. It is important so that you rejoice the moment you see your small cherub first time.

    As long as you start out slowly, it’s safe to start now. Begin your day by loosening up your body with the most beneficial exercises. In addition, consulting your obstetrics and gynaecology doctors is the first thing to do before getting started with any sort of fitness program. Nothing can explain the feel of getting pregnant and a proper care can make the mind and body of the child and mother mighty, on the whole.


    Exercising is like telling your body “Yes, you are going to hate me for that but, you’ll thank me later.” 

    If you haven’t been the gym addict before, then be one now. This is because you would not want to see turning your special day into the most painful day ever. So, adopt a healthy lifestyle to welcome your baby with all the love and care. Exercise is a key to a healthy lifestyle.

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