Motorcycling : Interesting Facts and Statistics (Infographics)


    Motorcycling is hugely popular in most parts of the world. The demand for motorcycles is forecast to soar roughly 4% every year, over 110 million units by 2020.

    Asian countries have the biggest market for two-wheelers with growing economies like China and India leading the front with huge investments. In fact, India overtook China before last year when it recorded a sale of 19.9 million units.

    Two-wheeler companies in India are bullish on its sales in the near future. New models are launched every day, with something for all age groups. The pricing is competitive too, keeping in mind the low-budget Indian customer.

    The Chinese market is expected to slow down a little, especially due to its relatively inexpensive car market and import restrictions but it is still a massive motorcycling hub.

    China and India together constitute 36.41% of the global population which has a considerable percentage of upper and lower-middle-class households. This has largely attributed to the growth of two-wheeler sector in the recent years.

    Indonesia is the third largest motorcycle market in Asia with nearly 6 million units sold in 2016.

    What’s interesting is to note – the Asian market has a good percentage of users who deploy two-wheelers as means of utility, while in Europe and America, one can see a good chunk of leisure riders too.

    Clubs, communities, and groups are specifically dedicated to motorcycle lovers there. People who share similar interests, can mix up and discover the latest in the field of motorcycling.

    Even the markets in Europe are not doing bad, if not rocketing. Surprisingly, countries like Greece, Poland, and Austria have surpassed markets in the UK, France and Spain.

    People in the United States buy almost half a million motorcycles annually. Harley-Davidson is still the no 1 motorcycle producer in states. Polaris Industries is giving it a tough competition, especially with its Indian Motorcycles brand.

    With motorcycles, the global market for gears, tools, and accessories have also seen a push. Millions of traders and manufacturers are currently involved in it.

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