Hypertension and Exercise; Facts You Should Know

    hypertension and exercise

    Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is when blood pressure is pumped through your blood vessels higher than it should be.

    Exercise is also known as physical activity. Simply put, it is every movement your body works with more intensity than your usual level of everyday activity. Exercise increases heart rate and affects the muscles and is usually done to achieve the goal of physical fitness.

    High blood pressure is called a “silent killer” because it often has no warning signs and symptoms and many people might not know they have. Over time, uninterrupted pressure overloads cause the accumulation of damage that will eventually happen more than your circulation can handle, which often leads to serious health problems.

    It seems that many people lead a life that leads to high blood pressure or hypertension. As people age, the situation is getting worse. Almost half of all older people have hypertension.

    The problem with this disease is that almost a third of people with hypertension do not know because they never feel immediate pain. But with overtime, the force of this pressure damages the inner surface of the blood vessels.

    However, according to experts, hypertension is not predisposed. Decreasing salt intake, provided diet, weight loss and training can help prevent hypertension.

    Of course, it will help stop the bad habits and eat a low-fat diet. Though the most important part you can do is practice. And just like physical exercise, it strengthens and improves the muscles of the limbs. Also, improves the health of the heart muscle.

    Heart and exercise

    Exercise stimulates the development of new connections between disturbed and almost normal blood vessels, so people who exercise have a better blood supply to all the muscle tissues of the heart.

    For this reason, and after careful consideration, some scientists have noticed that motion can stimulate the development of these rescue attacks in the heart. One study further showed that mild exercise is more effective several times a week when building these lines of aid than an extreme exercise that is done twice as often.

    What Causes Hypertension?

    Sometimes kidney abnormalities are responsible. There is also a study in which researchers identified more general contributing factors such as inheritance, obesity and lack of physical activity. So should be done to lower blood pressure and prevent the risk of hypertension? Again, it seems that the exercise is exactly what the doctor could order.

    If you think it will do, try to consider this list and find a way to integrate these things into your lifestyle and start living without the potential for hypertension. Before you follow the systematic instructions, it’s better first to get them to see before you start.

    1. Contact your doctor

    Consult your doctor before starting the workout. If you make significant changes in your physical activity. Especially if these changes can cause a large and sudden claim to blood circulation – talk to your doctor again.

    1. Make it easier

    Gradually, we begin with a low and comfortable level of effort and progress. The program is designed in two phases to increase activity.

    1. Know your limitation

    Specify your safety margin for your efforts. Use some indications, such as sleep or fatigue problems the day after the workout to make sure they are exaggerating. Once identified, stay inside. Excessive exercise is dangerous and unnecessary.

    1. Exercise regularly

    You need to train at least three times a week and up to five times a week to get the most out of it. Once you are in peak condition, you can train your muscles every week. Cardiovascular fitness requires more activities.

    1. Train at speed within your capacity

    Optimal benefits for older athletes are created by exercising at 40% to 60% capacity.

    Actual weight loss due to exercise is an excellent starting point if you want to prevent hypertension.

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