6 Surprising Things That Women Want From Men in a Relationship

    women want men

    Women are a unique creature of God to men. No man can live without woman when it comes to marriage. Marriage is not complete without the presence of a charming woman. Same goes with an adage that says, behind a successful man there is a reliable woman behind him. In a relationship, women desire some things from their partners. Many men fail to understand them which cost them their relationships.

    No doubt, a lot of confusion and secrets surround what women want to take. Though the majority of men think that women are incredibly complex beings that knowing what they want is almost impossible. Women can easily be understood if their desire is met. In most cases, it is quite simple to understand them without any stress.

    Women, like men, differ from each other. There are, however, some things that are common while there are differences in traits and behaviours.

    If you’re wondering what these things are, check out these fantastic things women want from their partners.



    Women want to be respected. Women and men are intellectually equivalent and as competent as others. Nevertheless, we as a man often try to take over, verify or ignore their contributions, not only in the workplace but also in relationships.

    A good rule is to respect the respect you want and then show the same respect for women in your life. They say respect is reciprocal.



    Honesty goes hand in hand with respect and is invincible in a healthy relationship. Practice respect for your partner by always being honest. Honesty is the key factor in any successful relationship. Therefore, never try to be smart with your partner. Lying to your partner will not bring anything good than to lead an abusive relationship or divorce.


    Sex and Romance

    Yes, I said sex. Women also want sex. However, do not forget romance. Although women are equally visually and physically motivated to have sex, they consider it a personal experience related to love. When you ignore your partner when it comes to the sexual affair, she might feel somehow. They could think you are having an extramarital affair outside.

    Romance can stand alone. It does not always have to lead to sex. Romance can bring fun and also makes your partner feel that love again. See here 5 places and areas you can spice up a sexual affair with your partner.


    Attention is the core things your woman wants from you as a man. Most women love attention. So get used to touching, cuddling and talking about the little things that happened during the day. These things help you to stay in touch with your partner.

    She always wants your ear. She wants you to be with her with your body and soul all the days.



    No one is perfect; your partner is inclusive as well as you. Couples can’t live without offending each other. Many men seemed to take minor mistakes made by their women and capitalized on them. As long as it does not threaten health, safety or relationships, try to accept her as she is. Just as men blame women for trying to change them, men can just be as bad as well.

    Accept her the way she is, and she will do same. Understanding is the language of any relationship; if it is communication is rich in such relationship, then you are perfect.


    When you stop thinking about why people enter into a relationship, you will probably feel love, children or all together. But if you think so, you start talking to the other person. Fun differs, so try to understand your partner what she feels like fun. Give to her and let her feel comfortable and happy always when you are with her.

    Something about being together is happy and will never change. Women want to have fun almost all the time.

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