An Interesting Blogging Interview Session With Allen Elochukwu (Elochi)


SABTrends at it again this week with an exclusive blogging interview with another promising blogger. We meet Allen Elochukwu, a promising blogger in the blogging sphere who has a lot to share with our readers.

Allen Elochukwu shares his definition of success. He further explained and stated the problems facing entrepreneurship in Nigeria. No problems without solutions, therefore, he proffers solutions to make it big as an entrepreneur.

Take your time to learn and enjoy the amazing interview we had with the brain behind

Good day Sir, please kindly introduce yourself to our community. (Education, State of origin, family background, business, project or whatever you would like us to know about you)

I am Allen Elochukwu, Popularly known by my Moniker as “Elochi”, the founder and CEO of ElochiBlog. Currently, a Statistics/Computer Science Student at the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State (FUTO).

I’m from Abia State, Nigeria; but I have spent all my life basically in Onitsha, Anambra State; living with my parents. I’m a passionate tech blogger and an aspiring entrepreneur.

Apart from being a blogger, Am also a Computer Engineer and a Networker, I do spend most of my time reading and learning Online.

Tell us about your startup, Elochi Blog.

I started my blogging Career in the year 2016, October 2016 Precisely. With so many business ideas, capital and time to kickoff, I decided to focus more on blogging first. I got to start up this blog due to the much love and passion I have for it.

ElochiBlog was a platform I created so as to share most of my blogging skills and providing solutions to any tech-related problems.

How long have you been into it?

I started my first personal blog in the year 2016 before moving to ElochiBlog, have been into blogging for more than a year now.

How did you get the idea for the Platform? What inspired it?

What inspired me most in starting up a blog was my quest in building and growing my authority online. I was keen on learning new things online so I decided to set up a platform where I can also teach and reach out to people who are willing to learn as well.

Before creating my own blog, I do share and provide my friends with the latest current news about Schools & Education, Admission guides and information and also solving some Tech related problems for them.

After a while, I noticed my fans are now growing so I decided to start up a blog in other to reach out more people globally.

How did you choose the niche(s) that you have chosen to blog in?

Yes, I came about this niche because I found out that I am good at it, even before starting my blog, I had always been a tech geek with my knowledge in both computer aspect and networking. Furthermore, I got to improve my skills by learning new things online.

This technology niche is indeed a vast niche of which being a tech blogger doesn’t require you to post or update your readers all the time, unlike the entertainment niche.

I just love it because it’s more like providing solutions to any user that gets into your blog.

However, I blog basically on Technology News along with basic Blogging Tips so as to help people start up and manage their own blog.

Why did you start this blog? Money? Passion? Hobby?

Wow, I must say that I started this blog for so many reasons. First, I started it as a hobby and as a platform to improve, share and document some of my skills. Also I had a great passion for it.

I did not have money in mind when I started blogging because I was doing something I was passionate about and actually enjoying the response I was getting.

However as time goes on I discovered it could also be a good source of income in the long run.

What were your challenges starting your blog?

Time and Constant Power Supply; these has being my major challenge starting my blog. Mostly when am in school, I find it difficult to update my blog because of no much time and power to keep up my devices on regularly.

Nevertheless, I got to schedule my daily activities, giving me the edge to write and schedule most of my posts in the night before dawn. Also get some alternative gadgets so as to keep my devices on at any time.

What can you really say as being unique about your blog?

Oh yes I can say this, branding has been my utmost goal ever since I started blogging. I have this great taste of special designs and tweaking of which led me into tweaking my blog layout to my taste.

Most bloggers and my blog visitors feel at home when they land on my blog and give much appreciation remarks for the designs I gave to my blog.

Still working more on increasing the standard so as to become an outstanding in my niche.

Did you receive any professional assistance or did you created your blog yourself?

I created my blog myself, design to my taste and do the other blog settings.

Do you have people working for you or you do it alone?

For now, I do it alone. Thou time factor seems to keep me away but I always try my best to keep it real, up and running every day.

However, am looking forward to getting a team in due time.

 What sacrifices have you had to make to be where you are right now?

Indeed it’s not easy at a start; a lot of sacrifices have been made. I can say work has been the major sacrifice because my blog is my business.

Also, I try to invest all and much of my time so as to keep it up and running even at this point.

I do sacrifice some hours of my sleep reading, making research and learning new things online so as to improve my skills and bring out the best on my blog.

Moreover, I was so much fast in learning and with that I came to build the connection with individuals in my industry making me an outstanding in my niche.

How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

I try my best to schedule my daily activities so as to meet up with time. Mostly in school, I blog at night, by scheduling my posts to auto-publish on my blog and this has really been helpful.

My niche is not demanding and doesn’t require me to always publish. So I publish at any time I feel comfortable without pressure.

Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?

Well, there are numerous to mention. Brian Dean of Backlinko has been the man I so much adore, it is not easy. His SEO techniques and articles have really helped me so much, his valuable contents and articles have grown me into being an SEO Enthusiast.

Prosper Noah is another inspiring blogger, founder of TipsOnBlogging. He equally provides good content both on his blog and facebook profile.

Prosperity Kenneth is also one of my favourites, the guy is just good both in his SEO Tips and contents on his blog.

Matthias Amodu, Prince John, David Chisomeje,  Chijioke Godson, Alvin Uchenna, Victor Onyekachi, Onuoha UI, all these people are phenomenal. There are many others too.

What company, individual, or business do you look up to?

In this case, I can say I am looking up to my creator first. The only supreme being.

I look up to see my blog as one of the great popular brand like Lindaikeji, Ogbengeblog, Backlinko and the likes.

 What are the best Nigerian blogs you visit almost everyday?

I do check out on top Nigerians tech bloggers and those within my niche, mostly for blog commenting. At least leaving my comments on 5 to 7 blogs each day, this helps to build your mutuality with your fellow bloggers and as well brings about more ranking to your blog.

 Who has been your greatest inspiration and also key role players in your life?

My greatest inspiration has always been from my Parents. Indeed they made me what I am today, they made me know that I can make things happen even if others have tried and failed.

Dad will always tell me, Son, keep on hustling, you will make it one day. While Mom will tell me to quit lying around waiting and depending on people when you can actually make things work for you.

My roomies at school have also inspired me as well. They influence one to become as successful as you can get.

 Do you consider yourself successful right now? What’s your view of success as a person and as a blogger?

To me, I can say that am always successful, but for now, I will consider myself successful in the blogosphere industry once I look around myself and see that I have influenced a lot of people positively.

Currently, I am still working towards becoming that successful person I wish to be.

 What do you enjoy so much about blogging?

The fact that I put in my ideas and skills down to share to a more global audience and the positive response I do receive from my readers is very encouraging and makes me enjoy every moment spent blogging.

 What are your plans to take your blog career to the next level?

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I have been planning on taking my blog public to the next or higher level probably on the online stock trading so as to affect more lives.

This might sound strange, but that has been my major plans.

 Bloggers today are so much concerned about making money from their blog. How can a new blogger in Nigeria start making money from his or her blog?

Indeed, the sole aim of every blogger is to make money from his or her blog. But I don’t recommend this for any new blogger.

As a newbie blogger first you have to build your trust and reputation with your fans and visitors. By providing them values and freebies when they visit your blog.

However, you can start making money from your blog by offering some online services, selling of products, Advert placements, affiliate marketing and so many others.

 What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Aside from blogging, do you have other things you do like selling products, having a business or brand etc?

I can say entrepreneurship is just the ability to be independent on your own, thereby setting up some business ventures so as to make more profit in the long run.

Indeed I have the vision to become a great entrepreneur and to make my brand known all over the world.

Aside from blogging, with my knowledge and skills as a computer engineer, I go about rendering services to my clients both at home and in school. With this, I can tell you that living a life of an entrepreneur keeps me going.

What do you think are the major challenges as an entrepreneur in Nigeria? I believe there are many challenges pertaining to that, like capital, lack of mentorship, lack of motivation.

I think the issue of capital can’t be overemphasized; there are so many banks, individuals and organizations willing to loan or invest in any good business.

Mentorship also is a challenge, when there is no one guiding you, no one pushing you forward, no one checking your plans then you can easily lose focus. Get a good mentor today, seek to him/her and learn more from him/her.

Lack of motivation; here in Nigeria, most aspiring entrepreneur don’t have much motivation concerning their goals. You need to be self-motivated so as to prove you are really an entrepreneur

What three pieces of advice would you give to university graduates/undergraduates who want to become entrepreneurs?

Firstly, I recommend you always write down all business ideas as they come. Yes, you never knew which one that will sell better in the long run.

Secondly, get yourself a good mentor. Somebody who is greater than you in the business and has been successful in the same field as yours can be your mentor.

Thirdly, you have to keep pushing until you reach the level you have always dreamed of.

When will you say, “Yes, ElochiBlog is successful”?

Still working on making it successful, once it becomes a major popular brand known in the public, then I will say Yes, ElochiBlog is successful.

 Do you have any specific goals to be achieved for the rest of this year?

Oh yes, I have a lot of goals here but unfortunately the year is already up. One of my goals is to see my blog contents ranking among the top 10 list on every search engine page.

Trying my best to optimize all my blog posts so as to gain more organic traffics from search engines. Wish to achieve more in the next coming year.

Do you normally set goals you want to achieve each year for your blog?

Actually, I do flow along with whatever the year has for me.

What do you advise anyone who wants to venture into Blogging in Nigeria?

Starting up a blog in Nigeria is not really a big deal once you have the passion, vision and focus. Hence, it gets tougher if you don’t build your authority and audience very well.

Almost all blogging niches has competition now. So, for one to rank higher or outshine your competitors, you need to provide 101% values to your visitors. Build your audience and trust with them.

Get a nice user interface and a responsive mobile version for your blog so as to keep your visitors longer on your blog and such tends to bring them back.


Also note: blogging goes with passion, blog on what you have the passion for and then see your visitors turning into money in due time.

What are the inspired words you have for our readers?

One should not sit at home and wait for the government to provide jobs. Also, waiting for a big company to call them for an interview. The internet is full of opportunities but please avoid quick money schemes, they will ruin your life.

My major advice to most internet geeks and new bloggers is this when starting up an online event or platform. First, grow your audience on time before launching it, start building your audience in three months’ time before anything, reach out to people and let them know about it.

For bloggers, after creating your blog, try building your email list using any of the online tools like MailChimp, mailmunch, sumo etc. by providing freebies for your visitors.

One thing I adore the most is Branding, (Your Brand is Yourself). The way you are is the way your blog will look like, so as a blogger, you need to make your brand unique.

The best tips ever I can say is this secret “TEAMWORK” many top bloggers won’t tell you this, but this has been their secret. For every successful blogger, this has been their secret to success.

You need a team to make it big in the future; you can start alone for now, in due time try to seek for more hands so you can blow in the blogosphere industry.

Everyone is blessed with a talent, find yours, some are good in the camera, they will do well on Instagram and Youtube, some are good in the voice so they can open a podcast. And some are like me, too shy so we have a blog.

Find your strengths, your passion and work with it. Chase excellence, provide value and the money will definitely come.

Lastly, we believe success is not a straight line. What do you think can motivate persons to achieve success in life?

Focus and Determination have been the bedrock of success. Believe me, you have to be strongly focused and determined, else you will miss your target.

Consistency is another thing that counts, for you to be successful, you need to be consistent and avoid the hit and run.

Now for you to be always motivated, you need to surround yourself with those on the same mission with you.

Since my career in blogging, 60% of my friends are mostly bloggers of which I tend to learn very fast from those who have made it big in the industry.

I go about reading their success stories and then pick some valuable tips and add to my life.

How can readers of this blog get in touch with you?

You can always find me here on ElochiBlog, or get in touch with me via the following channels:





Thanks for the opportunity given to SABTrends to interview you.

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