How to Help Your Addict Relative Recover and Minimize Health Consequences


    You want to be there for your family, but when they’re struggling with addiction, it can be extremely difficult. While there’s no way for you to force them to get sober, you can offer the proper motivation and encouragement. The ball is in their court, but they will still need some support.

    Should you believe that they are worth helping, you should offer a hand. Here are some tips on how to help your addict relative recover and minimize health consequences.

    Have a Discussion

    An addiction can be a not-so-well-kept secret. Your relative might think that they’re able to hide their dependency. They might also think that you are none the wiser. You might not want to raise a fuss or think that they have their addiction under control. There’s no such thing as an addiction that’s under control. If it was manageable, it wouldn’t be an addiction.

    Tell your relative exactly how their addiction is affecting the people around them, including yourself. You might also consider hosting an intervention. Here, you, other family members, and friends of your relative will tell them about how their addiction has been affecting you. This can really open the eyes of your relative, who might not have realized how dire their addiction was. Denial is a large part of addiction, and it’s important for them to not get stuck in that mindset.

    Set Boundaries

    So, you’ve had your heart-to-heart with your relative. Then, they agreed that they have a problem. Is that all that needed to be done to cure them? Some might think that’s the answer, but it definitely isn’t. It’s an important first step, but it’s by no means the last one. You need to make it adamantly clear what is to be expected of your addict relative. They need to be staying away from harmful substances, of course.

    However, they also need to be doing things that are productive. They should be adhering to a routine of responsibility. If they need help looking for jobs, you should offer it. However, you shouldn’t be coddling them. If you feel like they aren’t taking enough personal responsibility, let them know. They need to be replacing their bad habits with productive ones.

    Find Professional Help

    Addiction is a disease. Just like any other disease, it needs the proper treatment such as rehab centres in Utah, in order to be remedied. You can’t just ask someone to wish their cancer away. Likewise, you can’t just tell someone to quit an addiction and expect it to last. Instead, they need to find the best treatment possible. It should start with going to recovery groups, such as Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous.

    If necessary, you should check them into a long-term rehab facility or outpatient care. At these centres, your relative will receive thorough treatment and therapy. The time away will allow them to focus on their recovery as much as possible. When they come out, they will hopefully be rejuvenated and have a better understanding of how to keep themselves clean.



    We hope this has given you a great idea of how to help your addict relative recover and minimize health consequences. So many addicts have trouble with becoming sober because their addiction has become a comfort zone for them. It’s not just a matter of substances making them feel better.

    Instead, they’re making them feel like humans. This a dangerous path to be on. In order for your addict relative to make a proper recovery, they need to give it their all. They have to want to get clean. If they understand that there are others (like yourself) who are rooting for them, they should be much more motivated.

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