Grab Their Keys: 4 Ways to Convince Friends To Stop Drinking and Driving


    Drinking and driving are very dangerous. It is also a very serious crime. The best way to avoid the terrible consequences that come with drunk driving is when you and your friends support each other to stay safe and not drink and drive. If you want to stop your friends from drinking and driving, consider taking the actions below.

    Get a Designated Driver

    Perhaps the best way to stop your friend from drunk driving is to make sure that there is an alternative nearby. Always start the evening with a designated driver who will be able to get those who are drinking home safely. Don’t be afraid to pick up this person’s tab for the night and to pay for gas—he or she can stop the rest of the group from making a dangerous mistake. A good designated driver can almost always stop drunk driving before it starts.

    Talk about It Sober

    Before you go out, talk about your transportation plans. While a drunk individual might not make great choices, a sober person can better understand the consequences of drunk driving. You don’t want to have to call a drunk driving lawyer, like The Law Offices of Schiro and Zarzynski, for you or for one of your friends. Make sure you talk about how everyone in your group is going to get home that night, even if they don’t plan on drinking. If someone in your group doesn’t have a plan, make it for him or her.

    Remove the Temptation

    If you really want to make sure that a friend won’t drive drunk, be the person who can totally remove that temptation. Make sure that you walk with your friend to the party, for example, or that you’re the one driving. If you are both going to drink, it should be up to you to arrange the ride home for the night. If your friend is drinking at your home, make sure that you have a couch ready for him or her to sleep it off. There should never be a vehicle present for your friend to drive.

    Make or Break

    Finally, let your friend know that drinking and driving is a make or break situation. If he or she doesn’t agree to catch another ride home, let him/her know that you won’t be going out again. It’s not always an easy thing to do to give a friend an ultimatum. Though it is necessary when it comes to something that is this important. If you don’t call your friend on his or her behaviour, you are enabling him or her to do something dangerous. Be strong enough to put your friendship on the line.



    Do whatever you can to stop your friend from drinking and driving. It may not always be pleasant, but it is necessary. When you put in the effort, you can stop a disaster.

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