Eye Twitch Resolved by Photochromic Adaptive Lenses That Block Blue Light

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    Your eyes are the fruits of bearing that require consistent care and nourishment. In this day and age, we know how difficult it may be to get some spare time away from the computer or television screen. The truth of the matter is that consistent exposure to the blue rays that are emitted by technological devices can reduce your vision in the long-term. That’s why you’ll want to take a pre-emptive strategy by wearing eyeglasses that have the photochromic adaptive lens that blocks blue light in order to stop the bad effects in real time.

    The only eyewear and sunglass company that provides this offering on the market right now is Payne Glasses, and luckily their frames are one of the cheapest you’ll find out there. It’s a value-packed deal since you can purchase your unique eyeglass frame to account for a 1.74 high index lens if your prescription is a strong one, along with the photochromic adaptive lenses that block blue light so that you ensure no issues with computer screen blue rays.

    If you notice that you have an eye twitch, it may be a cause of either stress, an overdose of caffeine intake or not receiving enough sleep.

    Normally an eye twitch isn’t a severe issue. It may be annoying, however, take it as a sign that you should adjust stress points from your life in order to improve your quality of life. If the twitching does not subside after a few days, then you should go consult your doctor.

    If you’re noticing that your eyes feel strained and pained, then this is a great indicator that you’ve been looking at a computer screen for too long. Sometimes artificial tears or eye drops can help relieve the strain since perhaps your eyes are simply dry.


    However, if that’s not the case, then you may need glasses. Payne Glasses can help you avoid the need for increasing your prescription with their photochromic adaptive lenses that block blue light.


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