7 Lovely Ways on How To Handle A Relationship Break Up

    break up

    A relationship break up according to Wikipedia, is often called simple break up, is the termination of an intimate relationship in a different way than death. The act is usually called “dumping [someone]” in slang when initiated by a partner. The term is less likely to apply to a married couple, where break up is usually called a divorce or a separation. When a couple is engaged to marry divorced, this is usually called a “broken union.”

    Whether you were waiting for it, it initiated or simply came out of nowhere, managing a break like a man can be very difficult. It does not matter if this is the best for you or that you care about it, there will be the pain when things stop. Moreover, it is better to break up the now instead of wasting your time in an abusive relationship.

    So, is it different men than women? Well, the answer to that is yes and no.

    These are emotions and recognizing how you feel important. If you try to ignore your feelings, they will probably come up and become destructive.

    To help you deal with a break-up, here are some tips to overcome difficult times.


    Spend time with friends

    Friend, couple or associates: everyone who cares about you and likes to be with him is a good bet at this time. You may feel that you would rather be alone, but exceed that desire and spend time with people. You do not have to worry too much about discussing your feelings with them.


    Do not give in to the desire to send text messages and to call repeatedly

    That persistent tendency to call your ex or send an SMS will always be there. Maybe the break was a mistake, right? If you could just talk, it might be right again.

    Never try it. You have broken for a reason, and if it was right or wrong, both need time to get perspective. Repeated calling will not improve things. In fact, it can make matters worse.


    Consider going back to the gym

    Or if you are already there, consider taking on a new challenge. Training a half marathon or setting a new goal for the bench press can be a healthy physical outlet for your fear and emotional stress. Being physically active is also an excellent way to purify your mind. Then drag your sad self to the gym.


    Let yourself cry

    It goes against all the rules of masculinity, but crying is a natural reaction to grief and can be a very catharsis. You do not have to do this for other people. There are many benefits of crying that are good for your health.


    Do not try to drown your grief

    You always hear stories of men who cry and drink alcohol to forget. Skip this technique. Alcohol is a depressant and far from uplifting. It is more likely that you will feel worse, both physically and emotionally.

    No doubt, with a different judgment, you run a higher risk of being involved in destructive behaviour. The battles of a drunken night or bar fights driven by emotions do not lead you to a break.


    Be careful

    Many people experience physical symptoms that are accompanied by intense emotions. Some people can not eat, feel physically ill or cannot sleep. Others overeat, abuse alcohol or other substances or sleep all the time. None of these is healthy options.

    Try to ensure that you have the right diet and make sure you sleep at 7 to 8 am.



    Very few of us go through life without a broken heart. If you have ever loved someone, you have taken the risk of breaking your heart for a break. Try to remember that everything is fine on time. As that time passes, you must do what you can to ensure that you are ready when your next opportunity for love arrives.

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